Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Dr. K.C.Varadachari

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Dr. K.C.VaradachariBack


Dr. K.C.Varadachari, M.A., Ph.D., was a scholar based inTirupati.

Sri Ramana Maharshi opens up a dawn in the spiritual understanding of the modern day. We enjoy the perfume of his presence, but we cannot obviously know to which infinite stretches of space the perfume is being carried.

In April 1937, I had the good fortune of beholding him face to face. This darshan of the Sage is an experience in itself. It is not capable of being described. So very casual yet pregnant, so very unobstrusive yet deeply significant, pleasant, deeply penetrating and inspiring somewhere in the depth.

Sri Ramana’s consciousness illumined with tremendous power of discrimination proceeds to find out the nature of the Self, that which all of us call the ‘I’, its origin, so to speak. ‘Who am I?’ is the fundamental question posed by Sri Ramana. This question is comparable to Kant’s1 famous question: ‘How is experience possible?’ Instead of walking down the corridor to the ‘phenomenal’ being like Kant, Sri Ramana ascended up the ‘noumenal’ being [which in Kantian philosophy is a thing in itself, independent of sensory or intellectual perception.]

Sri Ramana brings Backto mankind the Reality of the ancient seers, rishis. He reveals the Himalayan possibilities of peace – soul-peace, that annihilates all strife, and of the perennial life that tolerates no distrust or disruption.

The life of Sri Ramana bears witness to the ever-abiding reality of the teachings of the Vedic seers, and continues uninterrupted the spiritual tradition of the sanatana philosophy. May Sri Ramana be with us forever and ever more!

1. A well-known German philosopher.

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