Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Maha Krishna Swami

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Maha Krishna SwamiBack


Maha Krishna Swami who established ‘Bhagavan Sri Ramanasramam’ in Brazil, had stayed at the Ashram during 1938-40.

In 1938, I was taken to Bhagavan. His face radiated endless love and serenity. I prostrated before him. He said to me, “It seems you have been called.” After thus greeting me, he became deeply absorbed. Without looking at anyone or anything, he was penetrating into my innermost Self. Suddenly, he turned to me and, with a look that acquired an indescribable intensity, aroused in me quietness, deep peace and a great compassion for all living beings of the universe. From that day on, I knew that Bhagavan was not an ordinary master but a Universal Sadguru.

I then began to tune myself to his upadesa, which I perceived was vitalizing and transforming me in every way. I knew that what I could absorb ofthe light of initiation would be according to my own efforts. I was to develop more and more control of my thoughts for receiving the subtle vibrations radiated by Bhagavan.

One day Bhagavan told me, “Silence is the most powerful form of teaching transmitted from the master to the adept. The soundless voice is pure intuition. It is the voice of the spiritual mind speaking in our innermost being. Self-enquiry is the only path we have in order to eliminate spiritual unconsciousness, which is widespread. Self-enquiry brings the consciousness of the divine, the universal truth and the light that governs the universe. All this must be known, felt, lived and realized. In order to realize this truth, we need to eliminate the thinking mind, to dissolve it in the Universal Self.”

To forget the ego and discover the Universal Being, is the direct path taught by Bhagavan. After practising Self-enquiry for a period of time one awakens a current of consciousness, the supreme consciousness. Bhagavan recommends: “Effort is necessary to move oneself deeper and deeper in the practice of Self-enquiry. Firm determination is essential to achieve the experience.

Diving into the right side of the chest, the adept enters into the attitude of silence. Thoughts disappear and the state of consciousness, ‘I am that, I am that’, arises.

Bhagavan spoke very little and showed the world how much could be transmitted by silence. With his attitude of serene benevolence he set all at ease. I felt with absolute certainty that all the knowledge to be gained would be simply assimilated from his holy presence, for I had caught the truth that he is the link to the formless Being.

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