Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – K.S. Ramaswami Sastri

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – K.S. Ramaswami SastriBack


K.S. Ramaswami Sastri, B.A., B.L., was Chief Justice of the former Pudukottah State (Tamil Nadu).

I have gone to the Maharshi often during these forty years and more [written in 1946]. I have seen him when he was in a small cave up the hillside absorbed in mysterious and unbroken silence. I have also seen him when he came down the hillside. I used to ply him with questions about the soul and he used to smile and give brief, bright, blessed replies dispelling doubt.The world-intoxicated mind became subdued, calm and purified in the holy atmosphere of the Sage.

When we sat before him, time rolled on while we were oblivious of its course. Each felt a sense of inner release and was happy as a bird sailing through the vast expanse of the blue sky. The inner Fullmoon of

Divine Rapture rose in the sky of the hearts of all. Then came to my mind the great passage in Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis about Christ: “Indeed, that is the charm about Christ; when all is said, He is just like a work of art. He does not really teach one anything, but by being brought into His presence one becomes something.” I felt that I was predestined to the Sage’s presence and went into the stillness of the night, moving away from him physically but feeling drawn nearer to him in spirit like a steamer borne against the wind.

The Maharshi lived in unbroken communion with the Self and became sthitaprajna (the man of steadfast wisdom). The Maharshi’s religion is the most universal of all faiths: Change your mentality, why change the environment and run into a forest? Attain self-control, self-knowledge and self-reverence. Atma-siddhi is the highest siddhi.The Maharshi’s Gospel ofSelf-enquiry is the Upanishadic gospel. It sublimates and merges the mind or ego in the Self.

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