Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Vajreswari

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – VajreswariBack


Vajreswari was daughter of an outstanding Sri Ramana devotee, Ganapati Muni, a renowned Sanskrit scholar and poet (no. 91).

My mother used to swallow vibhuti (sacred ash) endlessly. All our efforts to wean her away from that habit were in vain. She too wanted to get out of it but could not. She could take liberties with Bhagavan. She would regard him as her father and he in turn would treat her like a child. The real secret is that Bhagavan’s attitude towards us would correspond to ours towards him.

One day my mother told Bhagavan about this habit of hers and sought his help to get over it. Bhagavan said, “Why did you not tell me about this earlier? All right, taste this vibhuti.” What a strange remedy! Yet it worked. From then on my mother completely got rid of her habit.

Once a devotee brought her dead son in a box and prayed intensely to Bhagavan to bring him Backto life. Bhagavan could readily see the faith and hope behind her prayer. Tenderly he told her, “Amma, don’t you see that if I restore your son’s life, Sri Ramanasramam would be flooded with corpses?” Then he spoke to her at length about life, death and the need to be conscious of the state transcending both. He explained that all experiences were centred round the individual and that the search for the source of the ‘I’ alone would end all sufferings. These soothing words and advice went home and the lady returned, consoled at heart. This was only natural since Bhagavan’s words were loaded with power and grace.

After the lady left, a devotee asked, “Is it possible to revive the dead?” Bhagavan replied, “Jnanis, siddhas and yogis can restore life, but is it for this purpose that they have come?

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