Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Subbalakshmi

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Subbalakshmi was the wife of Dr. M.R. Krishnamurthi Iyer (no. 155).

My husband, Dr. Krishnamurthi, the first Ashram doctor, met Bhagavan in 1924. During one of the Deepam festivals1 he introduced me to him. In the early days of my married life, while living in Tiruvannamalai, my husband (who worked in a hospital) would often run away to Bhagavan, leaving me all alone. He never thought about the children or me. One day, I was terribly afraid that my husband might become a sadhu. The next night Bhagavan appeared in a dream and assured me, “Have no fear; your husband knows where his duties lie. Give up all worries.” When my husband narrated the dream to Bhagavan, he gave a gracious smile!

One day all of a sudden, I became extremely unwell. Neighbours and friends felt that I was nearing my end. At that time my husband was at the Ashram. When the message was sent to the Ashram about my condition, Bhagavan, who was reading the newspaper at that time, went into a trance for some time. Simultaneously, I became normal. This was nothing short of a miracle. Later, when I met Bhagavan, he mischievously told me, “It seems it is a new life for you.”

Once Bhagavan was narrating the life of the saint Siruthondar Naayanaar. His voice was choked with emotion and tears kept trickling from his eyes. No doubt he was a jnani par excellence but what a heart he had!2

Bhagavan used to refer to my husband as the ‘town doctor’. He enquired about him even on his mahanirvana day. I could not get Bhagavan’s darshan on that day because of the long queue. Bhagavan, however, graciously appeared in a dream and said, “Amma, how long should I bear the body? Death is natural to it. It is like a leaf on which the food has been eaten. It has to be thrown away.

1. Refer annexture-II,

2. Refer paras 3, 4, & 5, when Sri Ramana got emotional and ecstatic while telling the story of Kannappan Naayanaar.

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