Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – T.R. Rajagopal

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – T.R. RajagopalBack


T.R. Rajagopal was a devotee from Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh).

My financial affairs were a mess in 1947 due to losses in business. Friends, relatives and even my wife cold-shouldered me. I realised that in the last analysis one is really alone in life.

During this time of distress, in July 1947, I had a vivid dream in which a sage with divine effulgence appeared and assured me of his protection. I could identify him as Ramana Maharshi because I had seen his picture in The Sunday Times. I could give no credence to the dream. After all, I had not even visited him. Why should he care for me, an utter stranger? Who was this Rajagopal to him? I kept pushing away the urge to go to him, and resisted the pull of his luminous eyes. In the end he won.

On November 30, 1947 I left Vijayawada for Sri Ramanasramam. I did not have a single paisa. I ate whatever was given to me on the way and reached Bhagavan’s presence on December 10. It was eight in the morning. Joy swelled in my heart as he gave me a piercing look. We exchanged glances, but I had to close my eyes as I was unable to bear the power of Bhagavan’s eyes. I completely surrendered myself at his feet. A new confidence surged within me. I was certain that Bhagavan would protect me.

I returned and made earnest efforts to get a job. On February 19, 1948, while walking on Abids Road, Hyderabad, I came across my old friend Cheruvu Parthasarathi who was Chief Accountant in A.P. Electricity Dept. To my surprise, he made affectionate enquiries and got me a job in Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. on a salary of five hundred rupees per month. I settled down comfortably at Sirpur, Kagaznagar, Andhra Pradesh. Is it possible to explain the mystery of Sri Ramana’s protection? Why should he care? Yet he came into my life in a forlorn hour and made it beautiful beyond compare.

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