Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Swami Pranavananda

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Swami Pranavananda (S.Narasimham before sannyasa), uncle of Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, former President of India, was a munshi in Police Training College and taught local languages to Europeans. Among others, he wrote Ramana Maharshi Charitramu, Sri Ramana Stutipaatalu and Sri Guru-Anugraha Avataramu. He was the first to translate Who am I? into Telugu.

Once I came to the Ashram from Gudivada [Andhra Pradesh], Bhagavan asked me in a tone brimming with affection whether Kallaturi Seetharamaiah was all right, “Who is he?” I asked, “Dr, Kallaturi Seetharamaiah”, said Bhagavan with emphasis and gave a detailed description about him, I was overwhelmed at the thought of his love and consideration for the devotees, This person had visited Bhagavan only once or twice earlier. He was not the one to talk freely with Bhagavan; he would only offer his respects and sit quietly in a corner,

A fortnight before Bhagavan’s mahanirvana we were all having his darshan by filing past him in a queue, The sarvadhikari told me, “Bhagavan is looking at you intensely and you can take liberties with him, A doctor, Kaviraj, has been sent from Calcutta by Sri Rajendra Babu specially to treat Bhagavan, Kindly recommend the doctor to him,” Accordingly, I made the request, Bhagavan said, “Will anyone preserve after the dinner the leaf on which he has eaten?” I then realised that this body is like a leaf, When the purpose for which the body has taken shape is over, it will have to be thrown away as a leaf on which the food has been taken,

T.R.Kanakammal in her book Cherished Memories records:

One day, Bhagavan was sitting in the verandah with some devotees, Suddenly a wounded crow flew in at great speed and fell at Bhagavan’s feet, who picked it up and stroked it gently, When the crow died in his hand, Bhagavan said, “Some siddha purusha has left his body today”, and gave instruction for entombing the crow,1 Pranavananda who was on the scene broke into tears and said, “Bhagavan, did you not grant liberation to Jatayu in the last yuga?2 Now you have done the same for a crow,” Hearing this, the devotees were moved by Pranavananda’s devotion to Bhagavan, who himself looked on silently as though he accepted everything, 1 The tomb of the crow is on the northern side of the compound near the old hall. 2. Reference is to the famous episode of Jatayu in the Ramayana.

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