Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Srikrishnaprem

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Srikrishnaprem, formerly Prof. Ronald Nixon from England, taught literature at Benaras and Lucknow universities before he became a Vaishnavite sannyasi. He lived in Almora in the Yashoda Mai’s ashram. The story of his visit to Tiruvannamalai in 1948 is as told by his friend Dilip Kumar Roy (no. 8).

He entered the room where the Maharshi was reclining and sat down among the devotees to meditate. As soon as he did so, he heard a voice saying over and over again, Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? He tried to ignore it but eventually he replied mentally, “I am Krishna’s servant.” The voice still went on to ask, “Who was Krishna?” He answered, “Nanda’s son. He is an avatar, the one-in-all, the resident in every heart.

Next morning, when he sat down in the hall with other devotees, the Maharshi gave him a lightning glance and smiled at him. He closed his eyes. Then on a sudden impulse he found himself silently asking the Maharshi, “Who are you?” When something made him open his eyes, he found that the Maharshi’s couch was empty. He closed his eyes again; but in a moment he opened them. The Maharshi who was reclining in his usual place gave him a fleeting smile and a meaningful glance.

V Ganesan in his book Moments Remembered records:

Srikrishnaprem would always carry a shoulder bag in which he kept in a glass-case the images of Radha and Krishna. Only while going to bed would he remove the bag from his shoulder. He was a staunch Vaishnavite. He once quoted ‘sarvam Vasudevamayam jagat’1 and asked Bhagavan, “Is not this the highest ideal?”

Bhagavan nodded his head in agreement and said, “Yes, Yes! It is an exalted state of Consciousness. Yet, who is it that thinks that all that is perceived is Vasudeva? Is it not you, yourself? While seeing the earth, trees and plants as Vasudeva, don’t you wish to see yourself as He? If you who see everything as Vasudeva, learn to see yourself as Vasudeva you will become Vasudeva Himself. If he who sees is transformed into Vasudeva, then that which is seen automatically becomes Vasudeva! Acharya Sankara’s drishtim jnanamayeem kritva (infuse perception with jnana) is simply this.”

Balarama Reddy in his book My Reminiscences records:

One evening, Srikrishnaprem was asked to sing bhajans before Bhagavan. About seventy five devotees had gathered to hear him sing. He sang with deep, genuine devotion, even pronouncing the words with an Indian accent. All were moved by his renditions. Bhagavan later commented, “Here is one Westerner who embodies the intensity and devotion of a true Indian bhakta.” 1. Everything is pervaded by Lord Vasudeva, i.e., Krishna.

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