Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Sister Lalita

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Sister LalitaBack


Sister Lalita from the Nilgiris has made a couple of contributions to The Call Divine describing her impressions while sitting before Sri Ramana.

So calm, so still, Bhagavan Sri Ramana sits. A pale gold ivory figure, with a slim, aged, feeble body, and the face of a child. I felt a divine peace, the glory of stillness.

The eyes are the most remarkable feature of his face. They are the windows of everlasting spirit.They show the shining calm of God within their delicate shells, clear, wide open, gentle, candid eyes; yet deep, seeing into the Self within; innocent, yet understanding; all compassionate, yet thoroughly weighing and understanding the play of life. At times these eyes rest in mild scrutiny of the people around, singling out for a moment one or another of the crowd, then pass on with complete detachment, yet, with a gentle withdrawal, a wish to make others content.

Sometimes in deep thought he sits, chin resting on hand, the spirit withdrawn to unknown heights. Sometimes in a gentle soft voice he speaks a few words to someone whose thought beckons his attention.

What has this silent abstracted man to give to others? The fact that there are others around him proves that he has something to give.

These are the thoughts I got, seated on the floor, in that quiet room presided over by that silent figure.

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