Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – N.V. Gunaji

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – N.V. GunajiBack


N.V. Gunaji was an advocate at Belgaum, Karnataka.

Having heard about Sri Ramana, and having a sincere desire and determination to see him, I succeeded in getting his address and reached the Ashram in January 1935. When I went to the hall, I found nobody except one man who welcomed me. I enquired about Bhagavan and was told that He had gone up the hill and that He would soon return. In a few minutes He did. I sat in the hall before Bhagavan for about an hour or so and found then, and ever afterwards, that Bhagavan’s mere presence was radiating peace and happiness and that my mind was being stilled and becoming easy and light.

As Jnaneshwar, the premier sage-poet of Maharashtra, asked for a boon at the end of his celebrated commentary of the Gita, in the same strain I asked Bhagavan the following boon in the words (song) of the sage Jnaneshwar. I first explained the meaning of the song in English to Bhagavan as follows:

“Oh Bhagavan, if you are going to give us anything, give us this – Our ego should vanish, our sight (vision) should be focussed (on the self), thought should drop and the world should be no more. May we get natural happiness which depends not on the forms and objects of senses. As salt is dissolved in water, our minds should be merged in the Self.”

Hearing this, Bhagavan was mightily pleased. He stretched himself up and in a loud voice proclaimed, “Take, take as much as you like, get in, get in.” The features of Bhagavan at that time were a sight for the gods to see. I shall never forget the joyful, happy and shining feature of Bhagavan at the time.

In March 1949, I availed myself of an opportunity to go to the Ashram in connection with the consecretion ceremony of the newly built

Mother’s temple. I then asked Bhagavan, “How to get in and stay there when we get in?” Bhagavan laughed, looked at me and answered, “Leave out the body-consciousness (the idea that I am the body) and then where is ‘in’ and where is ‘out’? All life-consciousness is One throughout.What a fine and beautiful answer!

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