Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Madan Mohan Varma

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Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi – Madan Mohan VarmaBack


Madan Mohan Varma, Registrar, University of Rajputana was later Chairman, Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Jaipur.

For fifty years the Purusha [God] has chosen for the benefit of humanity, to keep the mortal frame known as Ramana, radiating through it to all who can see, hear and ‘feel’ the LIFE sustaining the frame. Humanity reaches its high watermark in such a life, so indeed such a life is a blessing to humanity.

Shaken by a personal bereavement, the reaction of which at once laid bare the hollowness of the writer’s previous religious studies and pretensions spanning over 25 years, and epitomised his deluded intellect, the writer dragged himself over a distance of 2,000 miles to Tiruvannamalai.Five days at the Sage’s Ashram, but no miracle.The writer came Backsomewhat soothed but also somewhat disappointed. He had hurled scores of ‘questions’ on religious matters at the Maharshi. But he was indifferent. Only when the writer sought the permission to leave -with sorrow still darkening his heart – he smiled a gracious blessing which is still fresh in the writer’s memory, a blessing which seemed to arise from the secret recesses of the Heart, and the like of which he had never received before from any mortal.

The writer had occasion to meet many a great man in the past, to listen to their orations, to read their teachings and to follow their instructions. Often he was inspired and uplifted. But like the sea wave it all appeared to recede as time passed. But this time, O Maharshi! What ‘Time Bomb’ you stole into my being which has since, as if from beneath, been mining many a fond castle of ego. Even though the outer life remains the same as ever, a plaything of gunas, the ship of life finds its course changed, all unknown. And while all the old bonds are visible in their majesty as before, the gold fetters somehow seem to be losing their ‘gold’. From ‘outside’ you pushed me ‘inside’. You have blessed me with your contact and removed many a cobweb of the deluded intellect, and pulled me from the ‘circumference’ to the ‘center’. A tribute? You need no tribute from me. And what tribute can a poor candle pay to the sun?

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