Tarasankar Bandyopadhyaya was an outstanding literary figure of post Rabindranath, post Sarat Chandra of Bengal. In 1921 he was involved in the Non-violence Movement of Bengal and was imprisoned. He was in jail again in 1930. Afterwards he resolved to serve his motherland through literary practices. Until death he served Bengali literature untiringly and wrote several rewarding novels and short stories which include Hansulibanker Upakatha, Dhatridevata, Saptapadi, Ganadevata, Jalsaghar, Kavi, Pancagram. Many of them have been filmed like his short stories, Bedeni, Dakharkara. He was a recipient of Sarat Smrti Puraskar, Jagattarini Smrti Padak, Rabindra Puraskar, Sahitya Academy Puraskar. India’s highest literary award Jnanapitha was conferred upon him along with the civilian titles the Padmasri and Padmabhusana of the Govt. of India. He was the President of the Bangiya Sahitya Parishad.

Sri Ramakrishna’s teachings propagate the purest and simplest truths which transcend the bounds of India and become all time relevant for the whole world.

Never has He recorded any of his teachings, nor has he ever felt the necessity of it. His teachings echo the spirit of Jesus’s gospel.

Sri Ramakrishna has presented us the true character of religion and explained it to all to get both the Society and our minds rid of all vices and impurities. Swami Vivekananda is His gift to the world. And we owe a world of debt to Him for this. Our love for Him is boundless. It is spontaneous.66