Mohitlal Majumdar was an eminent poet, critic and teacher. He was known for his outspokenness. He was a regular contributor to Sanibarer Cithi. His poems were published in monthly magazines like Bharati etc. He even edited and published Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s magazine, Bangadarsan. His poetical and critical works include viz. : Vismarani., Swapan Pasari, Kavyamanjusa, Sahitya Vitan, Adhunik Bangala Sahitya, Vividha Pravandha, Srikanter Saratcandra, Bankim Varan, Kavi Sri Madhusudan etc.

Whether we believe in the Divine incarnation or not, a man of Sri Ramakrishna’s stature could be found in the microscopic numbers. In thousands years, a man like Sri Ramakrishna is born in the world.

To reach Him one needs to free oneself from all dogmas, superstitions and sectarian attitudes. And to meet Him would be a realization that this man unlike others has a distinct identity of His own. He is the embodiment of perennial truths and a supreme power.

Now the whole civilization is in utter distress and faces crisis in all spheres. An incarnation is inevitable to tide over such situations. Sri Ramakrishna played that role for the humanity.41