Dr Mahendranath Sircar first taught is Sanskrit College, Calcutta and then became the Professor of Philosophy in Presidency College and the University of Calcutta respectively. He presided over the Indian Philosophical Congress held in Kasi Viswavidyalaya (1947). He had a lot of books in his credit: Upanisader Alo; Tantrer Alo; Yoga Paricaya; System of Vedantic Thought and Culture; Hindu Mysticism; Eastern Lights etc.

One of the most potent forces in the present-day cultural and spiritual life in India is Ramakrishna-Vivekananda. Ramakrishna was the silent man of God. ...His character can be summed up in one word, God-centric. ...Ramakrishna was a super-mystic. Hence his message and teachings have a unique importance; for they proceed direct from the divine impress upon his being. Intellectual fineness cannot always reach this level; unless the psychic being is transparent, the spiritual aspect of our being cannot be penetrated and its secrets revealed. ...Without a catholic, free and elastic mind, there is every chance of committing mistakes in our attempt to explain and interpret him. ...His being was veritable spiritual laboratory in which he had experiments with every kind of spiritual experience. ...He was born at a time when the Hindu religion was attacked by advanced and liberal thought, and it was no small task for

Ramakrishna unconsciously to revive people’s faith in the ancient religion. ...

...Ramakrishna by his intense spirituality which he had attained by the time honoured disciplines and methods, showed the dynamism, power and potentiality of the orthodox faith. He had the spiritual genius to establish that Hinduism was not idolatry, that there was a fine scientific discipline in the orthodox cult to evoke spiritual powers and extensive visions.40