Famous Indian politician and the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Hhe was the architect of India’s foreign policy. He was a prolific writer. Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History, Letters from a Father to a Daughter etc. are his famous publications. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 1955.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa obviously was completely outside the run of average humanity. He appears to be in the tradition of the great rsis of India, who have come from time to time to draw our attention to the higher things of life and of the spirit. ...

One of the effects of Sri Ramakrishna’s life was the peculiar way in which he influenced other people who came in contact with him. Men often scoffed from a distance at this man of no learning, and yet when they came to him, very soon they bowed their heads before this man of God and ceased to scoff and ‘remained to pray’.32