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It was the first day of January 1886. As the Master felt rather well that day, he expressed a desire to come out of his room and have a walk in the garden for some time. It was a holiday and the householder devotees came one by one and in groups, shortly after midday. As soon as they saw him, all got up out of reverence and bowed down to him. He came down to the garden path through the western door of the hall on the ground floor and was slowly proceeding southward to the gate when all followed him at a little distance. When he came to the middle of the path leading to the gate, he saw Girish, Ram, Atul and a few others, sitting under the trees to the west of the path. They also saw him and saluted him from there and came joyfully to him. The Master addressed Girish, all of a sudden before anybody had spoken a word, and said, "Girish, I find, you say to one and all everywhere so many things about 'this' (that I am an incarnation of God); what have you seen and understood (about me) to make you do so?" Girish remained completely unmoved, and kneeling down on the ground near the Master's feet, said in a choked voice with his hands folded and face turned upwards, "What more can I say of Him, whose greatness Vyasa and Valmiki could not find words to express?" The Master was charmed at the fervent utterance of Girish, and blessing all the devotees assembled there through their representative Girish, said, "What more shall I say to you? May you all be blessed with the spiritual awakening." Beside himself with love and compassion for the devotees, hardly had he said those few words, he entered into Bhavasamadhi. Those words of profound blessing, untouched by the slightest tinge of the ego-sense, directly entered the devotees' hearts, where they raised high billows of bliss. They forgot time and space, forgot the disease of the Master, forgot their previous determination of not to touch him till he recovered, and were aware only that an extraordinary divine Being, out of sympathy for them in their plight, feeling excruciating pain at their misery and overflowing with compassion for them, had come down from heaven and called them affectionately to Him for giving protection, like a mother sheltering her children. They became eager to bow down to him and take the dust of his feet; and filling the quarters with the cries of "Victory to Ramakrishna", began saluting him.

(p.1023-4, Vol-2, Sri Ramakrishna The Great Master)

January 2

On 2nd January 1899, the monastery was moved from the rented Nilambar Mukherji's house to Belur Math.

(p.148, God Lived with Them)

One should not harbor malice towards any person or opinion...A devotee can know everything when God's grace descends on him. If you but realize Him, you will be able to know all about Him. Constantly you have to chant the name and glories of God and give up worldly thoughts as much as you can. You will feel restless for God when your heart becomes pure and your mind free from attachment to the things of the world. Then alone will your prayer reach God. The thing is that one must love God. Through intense love one attains the vision of Him. The attraction of the husband for the chaste wife, the attraction of the child for its mother, the attraction of worldly possessions for the worldly man - when a man can blend these three into one, and direct it all to God, then he gets the vision of God.

(p.374, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramakrishna's advice to Jaygopal Sen on 2nd January 1884)

January 3

Swami Turiyananda was born on 3 January 1863
One day at Cossipore Harinath (Swami Turiyananda) asked, "Sir, how are you?" The Master replied: "Oh, I am in great pain. I cannot eat anything, and there is an unbearable burning in my throat." Harinath knew that a knower of Brahman is beyond the pairs of opposites, pleasure and pain. He understood that the Master was testing him, so he said to him humbly, "Sir, whatever you may say, I see you as an infinite ocean of bliss." At this, Sri Ramakrishna said with a smile, "This rascal has found me out."

(p.364, God Lived With Them)

Liberated souls do not acknowledge the results of past karma in their lives, although outwardly these do seem to exit. This is because the effects of karma in past lives arise from body consciousness. Devotees abide by the will of God, so they do not use the word prarabdha.

(p. 177, Spiritual treasures, Swami Turiyananda's letter to Bihari Babu dt. 3 January 1917)

January 4

The Lord is living. He is like a blazing flame. You may be ignorant, but your ignorance will be totally burnt away when you pray with great earnestness. The Lord is very kind. He has taken a human form for the good of humanity. Keep thinking like this. You will soon begin to feel his presence within yourself. You will also get peace of mind. If holy men are kind to you, you feel the presence of the Lord within yourself. You also have peace of mind.

(p. 140, Letters For Spiritual Seekers, Swami Shivananda's letter dt 4 January 1918)

There are certain qualities that may be turned as divine. They are faith, love, devotion, knowledge, renunciation, compassion, and so on. I want you to be worthy of them. The son automatically inherits his father's property. What he needs to know is the nature of that property. When I pray, I merely pray that the Lord may kindly let you know what that property is like.

(p.147-8, Letters For Spiritual Seekers, Swami Shivananda's letter dated 4 January 1919)

January 5

As long as a man has desires, there is no end to his transmigration. It is the desires alone that make him take one body after another. There will be rebirth for a man if he has even the desire to eat a piece of sweetmeat. It is for this reason that a variety of foodstuffs are brought to Belur Math. Desire may be compared to a minute seed. It is like a big banyan tree growing out of a seed, which is no bigger than a dot. Rebirth is inevitable as long as one has desires. Only one or two out of many men can be found who are free from all desires. Though one gets a new body on account of desires, yet one does not completely lose spiritual consciousness if one has to one's credit merits from previous births.

(p.89, The Gospel of Holy Mother, The Holy Mother's advice on 5th January 1910)

January 6

"Skill in action is called yoga." This means that the same action, when it is done ordinarily, becomes the source of bondage; and when this action is done in the proper spirit, it purifies the mind and eventually destroys bondage. Thus it becomes yoga. For instance, work done with attachment leads to bondage; and when the same work is done with non-attachment, it becomes the cause of liberation. This attitude of attachment springs from yoga. Therefore, this very skill is called yoga.

(p. 194, Spiritual Treasures, Swami Turiyananda's letter to Phani dt 6th January 1919)

January 7

The first Hindu temple in the Western World was dedicated at San Francisco on 7 January 1906

Trigunatita planned the temple himself, combining ideas from a Hindu Temple, a Christian church, a Moslem mosque, and an American residence. Regarding the future of the temple, Trigunatita said, "I shall not live to enjoy; others will come later who will enjoy"; and, referring to his own participation, he boldly proclaimed: "Believe me, if there is the least tinge of selfishness in building this temple, it will fall; but if it is the Master's work, it will stand." It is amazing that the terrible earthquake and fire of 1906, which destroyed much of San Francisco, did no damage to the temple.

(p.504, God Lived with Them)

January 8

The ideal of all education, all training, should be this man - making. But, instead of that, we are always trying to polish up the outside. What use in polishing up the outside when there is no inside? The end and aim of all training is to make the man grow. The man who influences, who throws his magic, as it were, upon his fellow -beings, is a dynamo of power, and when that man is ready, he can do anything and everything he likes; that personality put upon anything will make it work.

(p.15, V.2, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's lecture on "The Powers of The Mind" delivered at Los Angeles on 8 January 1900)

January 9

Never mind anything! Push it on! Begin to contribute articles, all of you who can. It won't do merely to sit idle. You have done a heroic deed! Bravo! Those who falter and vacillate will lag behind, and you will jump straight on top of all! Those that are working for their own salvation will neither have their own nor that of others. Let the commotion that you make be such as to resound to the world's end. There are people who are ready to pick holes in everything, but when it comes to the question of work, not a scent of them can be had! To work! -- as far as in you lies! Then I

(p.356, V.6, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Swami Trigunatitananda dt. January 1896)

January 10

Swami Trigunatitananda left his body on 10 January 1915

Swamiji on Trigunatita: -"Trigunatita has given up his spiritual practices, his meditation and everything, to carry out my orders, and he has set himself to work. Is it a matter of small sacrifice? He will not stop short of success! The Master is our center. Each one of us is a ray of that light-centre. So Trigunatita has started the work by worshipping the Master-he did the right thing...Tell him when you go that I am exceedingly delighted with his work. Give him my loving blessings."

(p.501-2, God Lived With Them)

January 11

In future do not pay any heed to what people say either for or against you or me. Work on, be lions; and the Lord will bless you. I shall work incessantly until I die, and even after death I shall work for the good of the world. Truth is infinitely more weighty than untruth; so is goodness. If you possess these, they will make their way by sheer gravity. You must always remember that every nation must save itself; so must every man; do not look to others for help. Through hard work here, I shall be able now and then to send you a little money for your work; but that is all. If you have to look forward to that, better stop work. Know also that this is a grand field for my ideas, and that I do not care whether they are Hindus or Mohammedans or Christians, but those that love the Lord will always command my service. . . . I like to work on calmly and silently, and the Lord is always with me. Follow me, if you will, by being intensely sincere, perfectly unselfish, and, above all, by being perfectly pure. My blessings go with you. In this short life there is no time for the exchange of compliments. We can compare notes and compliment each other to our hearts' content after the battle is finished. Now, do not talk; work, work, work! There is too much talk, talk, talk! We are great, we are great! Nonsense! We are imbeciles; that is what we are! This hankering after name and fame and all other humbugs -- what are they to me? What do I care about them? I should like to see hundreds coming to the Lord! Where are they? I want them, I want to see them. You must seek them out. You only give me name and fame. Have done with name and fame; to work, my brave men, to work! You have not caught my fire yet -- you do not understand me! You run in the old ruts of sloth and enjoyments. Down with all sloth, down with all enjoyments here or hereafter. Plunge into the fire and bring the people towards the Lord. That you may catch my fire, that you may be intensely sincere, that you may die the heroes' death on the field of battle -- is the constant prayer of Vivekananda.

January 12

Swamiji was born on 12 January 1863.

One night Bhuvaneshwari had a vivid dream. She had spent the day in the shrine and, as evening deepened into night, she fell asleep. The household was hushed in silence and rest. Then in the highest heavens the hour struck--the time had come for the pious woman to receive the special grace of the Lord. In her dream she saw the Lord Shiva rouse Himself from His meditation and take the form of a male child who was to be her son. She awoke. Could this ocean of light in which she found herself bathed be but a dream? Shiva! Shiva! Thou fulfillest in various ways the prayers of Thy devotees! From the inmost soul of Bhuvaneshwari a joyous prayer welled up, for she was confident that her long months of supplication were over and that the vision was an announcement that her prayers were to be answered. Her faith was justified; for in due course a son was born to her. The light of the world dawned for the first time upon the future Swami Vivekananda on Monday, January 12, 1863. It was the holy morning hour--33 minutes and 33 seconds after six, a few minutes before sunrise.

(p.11, V.1, The Life of Swami Vivekananda)

I have a message to give, let me give it to the people who appreciate it and who will work it out. What care I who takes it? "He who doeth the will of my Father," is my own. . . .

My name should not be made prominent; it is my ideas that I want to see realised. The disciples of all the prophets have always inextricably mixed up the ideas of the Master with the person, and at last killed the ideas for the person. The disciples of Shri Ramakrishna must guard against doing the same thing. Work for the idea, not the person. The Lord bless you.

(p. 67-8, V.5, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Alasinga dated 12th January 1895)

January 13

Swami Brahmananda became the President of Ramakrishna Order on 13-01-1901

One morning at Belur Math, these rules of the Ramakrishna Order were read aloud in Swami Brahmananda's room. The revered Swami was seated on his small cot absorbed in deep meditation. Swami Shuddhananda was the reader. When the reading was over, Brahmananda said: 'Swamiji did not utter these rules from the physical plane; he raised his mind to a higher realm and then gave dictation and Tarak-Da wrote them down. He delineated them with a view to spreading the ideas and ideals of Sri Ramakrishna and for the good of humanity. Everyone, whether man or woman, rich or poor, high or low, has an equal right to the spiritual heritage and service of Sri Ramakrishna. Blessed is he who serves the Master and follows his

teachings.! Accept those instructions of Swamiji with candid faith; practice them in your lives and spread them in all directions. As a result you will see that the evil influence of the Dark Age will diminish and the Golden Age will come in sight.' When asked to make some rules for the young monks, he replied: "Swamiji has already made the rules for us. We do not need to add any new ones. Add more love, attain more devotion, and help others to move towards the ideal of God."

(p.96-7, God Lived With Them)

January 14


On Friday, 14 January 1938, Swami Vijnanananda got up early in the morning and put on a new ochre cloth. He sat quietly in his chair, waiting for the auspicious moment. He said to his attendant: “When I shall install the Master in the new temple, I shall say to Swamiji: ‘Your consecrated deity has now been installed in the temple you planned, you said that you would watch from on high. Please see now that the Master is seated in the new temple.’” He said later, “Then I vividly saw Swamiji, Rakhal Maharaj, Mahapurush Maharaj, Sarat Maharaj, Hari Maharaj, Gangadhar Maharaj, and others standing in the southwest corner watching the consecration ceremony.”

(p.619, God Lived With Them)


January 15

The very existence of everything is God. Existence cannot be non existence. The Gita says, "The unreal never is. The Real never ceases to be." This is the gospel truth. There is no reason that one cannot realize God. It is possible if one has intense longing, right efforts, perseverance, and a true guru...One can test the greatness of a person by observing his small actions or behavior. A straw best shows how the wind blows.

(p.203, Spiritual Treasures, Swami Turiyananda's letter dated 15th January 1920)

January 16

The Consciousness of Sri Ramakrishna was the consciousness of Ishvara (God) and not of the jiva. According to Advaita Vedanta, the jiva can attain the knowledge of his identity with Brahman by removing his ignorance through spiritual practices culminating in Samadhi. Yet, despite all imaginable efforts, the jiva can never become Ishvara. He who is Ishvara is eternally the Ishvara. Even when he assumes a human body and appears like a jiva, he remains the same Ishvara and does not become the jiva.

God has the nature of a child. Some beg but He does not give them, while others do not want but He asks them to accept. Perhaps the latter had many meritorious acts to their credit in their past births. Therefore God's grace descends on them.

(p.114, The Gospel of Holy Mother, Mother's advice to a disciple on 16th January 1912)

January 17

Don't be afraid. What work do you expect from men of little hearts? -- Nothing in the world! You must have an iron will if you would cross the ocean. You must be strong enough to pierce mountains. I am coming next winter. We shall set the world on fire -- let those who will, join us and be blessed, and those that won't come, will lag behind forever and ever; let them do so. You gird up your loins and keep yourself ready. . . . Never mind anything! In your lips and hands the Goddess of Learning will make Her seat; the Lord of infinite power will be seated on your chest; you will do works that will strike the world with wonder.

(p.297, V.6, complete Works of swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Swami Trigunatita dated 17th January 1895)

January 18

Those who seek truth sincerely will surely hold on to it. "Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood!" Truth will be crowned with victory and what is false or counterfeit will be blown away by the wind of truth. Know for certain that those who are sincerely seeking God, the embodiment of Truth, will undoubtedly be led by Him along the right path. They have no reason to be afraid.

(p.29, For Seekers of God, Swami Shivananda's words on 18th January 1927)

January 19

We now see that all the various forms of cosmic energy, such as matter, thought, force, intelligence and so forth, are simply the manifestations of that cosmic intelligence, or, as we shall call it henceforth, the Supreme Lord. Everything that you see, feel, or hear, the whole universe, is His creation, or to be a little more accurate, is His projection; or to be still more accurate, is the Lord Himself. It is He who is shining as the sun and the stars, He is the mother earth. He is the ocean Himself. He comes as gentle showers, He is the gentle air that we breathe in, and He it is who is working as force in the body. He is the speech that is uttered; He is the man who is talking. He is the audience that is here. He is the platform on which I stand, He is the light that enables me to see your faces. It is all He. He Himself is both the material and the efficient cause of this universe, and He it is that gets involved in the minute cell, and evolves at the other end and becomes God again. He it is that comes down and becomes the lowest atom, and slowly unfolding His nature, rejoins

Himself. This is the mystery of the universe. "Thou art the man, Thou art the woman, Thou art the strong man walking in the pride of youth, Thou art the old man tottering on crutches, Thou art in everything. Thou art everything, O Lord." This is the only solution of the Cosmos that satisfies the human intellect. In one word, we are born of Him, we live in Him, and unto Him we return.

(p.211, V.2, Complete Works of swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's lecture on "The Cosmos-The Macrocosm delivered at New York on 19th January 1896)

January 20

Be strong and do not depend upon what this or that one would say about you, but consult the Mother within and act according to her dictates. Be sure whatever binds is not of Mother and that which makes one free is of her. Abide by the same with your whole heart. Have no private selfish end but have sincere love for truth and piety and Mother shall speak from within you. Never let go your ideal, but hold on to It with a firm grip and you will be led rightly to the goal which is the one and same for all.

(p.242, Spiritual Treasures, swami Turiyananda's letter to Ujjwala dt 20th January 1903)

But these are the great turning points in life, and I know that you are unmoved. The surface of the sea rises and sinks alternately, but to the observant soul -- the child of light -- each sinking reveals more and more of the depth and of the beds of pearls and coral at the bottom. Coming and going is all pure delusion. The soul never comes nor goes. Where is the place to which it shall go when all space is in the soul? When shall be the time for entering and departing when all time is in the soul?

(p. 68, V.5, Complete Works of swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Mrs. Ole Bull on 20th January 1895)

January 21

Swami Brahmananda was born on 21st January 1863

One day Sri Ramakrishna fervently prayed to the Divine Mother: "Mother, it is my desire that a boy with sincere love for God should always remain with me. Give me such a boy." A few days later, sitting under the banyan tree at Dakshineshwar, he had a vision of a boy. Sri Ramakrishna had a second vision: "Just a few days before Rakhal's coming I saw Mother putting a child into my lap and saying, 'This is your son.' I shuddered at the thought and asked her in surprise, 'What do you mean? I too have a son?' Then She explained with a smile that it would be a spiritual child, and I was comforted. Shortly after this vision Rakhal came, and I at once recognized him as the boy presented by the Divine Mother." (p.75, God Lived With Them)

January 22

The more the mind becomes pure, the more a person realizes that there is nothing outside, and that everything is within himself. The only barrier to the vision of God is the impurity of the mind. Do we not know what has held us back and is not allowing us to realize God? We know it very well - if not always, at least from time to time. Again, what good is this knowledge? Our attachment for the world is so strong that we are hypnotized by maya; it is as if we are sleeping while awake. We don't really want complete awakening. God is real and the world is unreal - if we were fully convinced of this, we would renounce the unreal for the real; but we are reluctant to sever our attachments. That is why we are sleeping while awake."

(p.137-9, Spiritual Treasures, Swami Turiyananda's letter to Bihari Babu dt 22 January 1916)

January 23

The world is just like that. Take note of this and live accordingly. There is no reason to be upset. Surrender to the Master and go on doing your duty. The world is what it is, yet you attain Self-knowledge from this world. It is very interesting. And when you attain that knowledge you are free. The world can no longer bind you. Know this for certain. Whatever you do, remember God first. What is most important is love of God and faith in him. You have both pleasure and pain in the world. No one is always happy in this world. No one is always unhappy either. If you are a true devotee, keep your mind fixed on God. Treat both pleasure and pain as transient and overlook them.

(P.77-8, Letters For Spiritual seekers, Swami Shivananda's letter dated 23rd January 1914)

January 24

A Sadhaka should first learn about the spiritual path from some great soul, then methodically follow it. If he does it haphazardly, he cannot achieve much success. Again, if he gives it up, he will have to put forth double the usual effort to gain the desired result. But no endeavour is lost. Lust, anger and greed gradually leave him who leads the spiritual life. Don't waste your time any more. Now the senses are strong and must be kept under control. This is no doubt a troublesome task. But practice Sadhana continually for seven or eight years; then you will enjoy the fruits of your practices, and peace and bliss thereof. Is meditation an easy affair? Only regular practice will bring perfection in it. Remember, it is next only to Samadhi. Self-surrender and everything will manifest from within through your Sadhana. Leave everything to God. Resign yourself wholly to Him.

(P.149-152, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's instructions on 24th January 1921)

January 25

The longest night seems to be passing away, the sorest trouble seems to be coming to an end at last, the seeming corpse appears to be awaking and a voice is coming to us -- away back where history and even tradition fails to peep into the gloom of the past, coming down from there, reflected as it were from peak to peak of the infinite Himalaya of knowledge, and of love, and of work, India, this motherland of ours -- a voice is coming unto us, gentle, firm, and yet unmistakable in its utterances, and is gaining volume as days pass by, and behold, the sleeper is awakening! Like a breeze from the Himalayas, it is bringing life into the almost dead bones and muscles, the lethargy is passing away, and only the blind cannot see, or the perverted will not see, that she is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep long sleep. None can resist her any more; never is she going to sleep any more; no outward powers can hold her back any more; for the infinite giant is rising to her feet...Great works are to be done, wonderful powers have to be worked out, we have to teach other nations many things, as has been said already by your Highness. This is the motherland of philosophy, of spirituality, and of ethics, of sweetness, gentleness, and love. These still exist, and my experience of the world leads me to stand on firm ground and make the bold statement that India is still the first and foremost of all the nations of the world in these respects. Let us all work hard, my brethren; this is no time for sleep. On our work depends the coming of the India of the future. She is there ready waiting. She is only sleeping. Arise and awake and see her seated here on her eternal throne, rejuvenated, more glorious than she ever was -- this motherland of ours.

(P.145-154, V.3, Swamiji's reply to the address of welcome at Ramnad on 25th January    1897)

January 26

Those that blame others -- and, alas! the number of them is increasing every day -are generally miserable with helpless brains; they have brought themselves to that pass through their own mistakes and blame others, but this does not alter their position. It does not serve them in any way. This attempt to throw the blame upon others only weakens them the more. Therefore, blame none for your own faults, stand upon your own feet, and take the whole responsibility upon yourselves. Say, "This misery that I am suffering is of my own doing, and that very thing proves that it will have to be undone by me alone." That which I created, I can demolish; that which is created by some one else I shall never be able to destroy. Therefore, stand up, be bold, be strong. Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders, and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. All the strength and succour you want is within yourselves. Therefore, make your own future. "Let the dead past bury its dead." The infinite future is before you, and you must always remember that each word, thought, and deed, lays up a store for you and that as the bad thoughts and bad works are ready to spring upon you like tigers, so also there is the inspiring hope that the good thoughts and good deeds are ready with the power of a hundred thousand angels to defend you always and for ever.

(p.225, V.2, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's lecture on 'The Cosmos-The Microcosm' on 26th January 1896 delivered at New York)

January 27

But, mind you, this is life's experience; if you really want the good of others, the whole universe may stand against you and cannot hurt you. It must crumble before your power of the Lord Himself in you if you are sincere and really unselfish.

(p.83, V.2, Complete Works of swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's lecture on "My Life and Mission" at California on 27th January 1900)

January 28

Explaining the meaning of Thakur's words: "This is the last birth of those who would come here."

Whoever has deep regard for him, is sincerely devoted to him, and has surrendered himself fully to him, whether he has seen him in the flesh or not, will attain liberation and not be reborn. But self-surrender there must be. True liberation calls for complete self-dedication. Whatever you are doing here is certainly his work, and you are doing it all for his pleasure. You are not actuated by any selfish worldly desire. These activities of yours will undoubtedly foster a spirit of renunciation and dispassion.

(p.31-2, For Seekers of God, Swami Shivananda's instruction to a monk on 28 January 1927)


January 29

I believed and still believe that without my giving up the world, the great mission which Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, my great Master came to preach would not see the light, and where would those young men be who have stood as bulwarks against the surging waves of materialism and luxury of the day? These have done a great amount of good to India, especially to Bengal, and this is only the beginning. With the Lord's help they will do things for which the whole world will bless them for ages. So on the one hand, my vision of the future of Indian religion and that of the whole world, my love for the millions of beings sinking down and down for ages with nobody to help them, nay, nobody with even a thought for them; on the other hand, making those who are nearest and dearest to me miserable; I choose the former. "Lord will do the rest." He is with me, I am sure of that if of anything. So long as I am sincere, nothing can resist me, because He will be my help. Many and many in India could not understand me; and how could they, poor men? Their thoughts never strayed beyond the everyday routine business of eating and drinking. I know only a few noble souls like yourself appreciate me. Lord bless your noble self. But appreciation or no appreciation, I am born to organise these young men; nay, hundreds more in every city are ready to join me; and I want to send them rolling like irresistible waves over India, bringing comfort, morality, religion, education to the doors of the meanest and the most downtrodden. And this I will do or die.

January 30

Swami Trigunatita was born on 30th January 1865.

During his sadhana at the Baranagore monastery, he had a great desire to perform some tantric rituals at midnight in the cremation ground. So one night while the others slept, Trigunatita silently prepared to leave for the cremation ground. To his utter astonishment and disappointment, he heard Vivekananda calling out, "Where are you going?" Trigunatita stood speechless. Vivekananda went on to say: "Sri Ramakrishna appeared to me in sleep and told me where you were going. He said that you should not go, that he has done all these things for us, and that it is quite sufficient for us to keep our minds fixed on him."

(p.492-3, God Lived With Them)

January 31

Do not make any distinction between Sri Ramakrishna and me. Meditate on and pray to the particular aspect of the Divinity revealed to you. Worship ends with absorption in meditation. Start here (the heart) and end here (the head). Neither Mantra nor scripture is of any avail; Bhakti or devotion alone accomplishes everything. Sri Ramakrishna is everything - both Guru and Ishtam. He is all in all. If you can follow even one of his instructions, you will attain to everything in life.

(p.22-3, The Gospel Of Holy Mother, Holy Mother's instruction on 31st January 1913)


Feb 1

I do everything to be sweet, but when it comes to a horrible compromise with the truth within, then I stop. I do not believe in humility. I believe in Samadarshitva -same state of mind with regard to all.

p.70, Vol.5, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji is his letter to Miss Mary Hale from New York on 1 Feb, 1895.

One must be restless for God. If a son clamors persistently for his share of the property, his parents consult with each other and give it to him even though he is a minor. God will certainly listen to your prayers if you feel restless for him. Since he has begotten us, surely we can claim our inheritance from Him. He is our own Father, our own Mother. We can force our demand on Him.

p.384, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to the devotees in his room at Dakshineswar on 2 Feb, 1884.

If you desire to work in the right manner, remember these two principles: one, you must possess a profound regard for the work undertaken; and two, you must be quite indifferent to its results. Then alone can you do work in the proper way.

p.246, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's words on 2 Feb, 1916 in Belur Math.

Only the One exists, nothing else. We see Him as men, animals, birds, insects, plants etc. If we only think correctly, we shall find that there is no such differentiation in Him. How we imagine an ego and slave for its gratification! Each has his own world which accompanies him beyond death. It is enjoyment and the desire for it that obstruct true knowledge; freed from them we can have knowledge this moment. Are we no knowledge itself?

p.283-4, Spiritual Talks, Swami Turiyananda's words on 2 Feb, 1921.

Feb 3

Will other and greater Prophets come? Certainly they will come in this world. But do not look forward to that. I should better like that each one of you became a Prophet of this real New Testament, which is made up of all the Old Testaments. Take all the old messages, supplement them with your own realizations, and become a Prophet unto others. Each one of these Teachers has been great; each has left something for us; they have been our Gods. We salute them, we are their servants; and, all the same, we salute ourselves; for if they have been Prophets and children of God, we also are the same. They reached their perfection, and we are going to attain ours now. Remember the words of Jesus : "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" This very moment let everyone of us make a staunch resolution: "I will become a Prophet, I will become a messenger of Light. I will become a child of God, nay, I will become a God!"

p.134, Vol.4, Complete Works of Swami Vivekanada, Swamiji in his lecture 'The Great Teachers of the World' delivered at California on 3 Feb, 1900

Follow the spiritual path in right earnest. When the mind becomes pure though sadhana you will understand all the truths of the spiritual world. Remember, there is no end to them; they are countless.

Feb 4

There is nothing wrong in doing work; otherwise how can one have the purification of the mind? It is when one works that one is tested: How much craving for the result of action does one have? How desireless is the mind? How much selfishness has gone and how much still remains? All this can be known only through the performance of work. When divine love dawns in the heart, one no longer considers work as mere work - it turns into worship.

p.36, Spiritual Treasures, Letters of Swami Turiyananda, Swami Turiyananda's letter to Swami Visuddhananda from Gadamukteshwar, Meerut, U.P on 4 Feb, 1908

Feb 5

I believe it ( awakening of the Kundalini) can be best done through Japa and meditation. The practice of Japa is specially suited to Kaliyuga. There is no other spiritual practice easier than this. But meditation must accompany the repetition of the mantra.

p.276, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's words on 5 Feb, 1921 at Varanasi.

Feb 6

Japa and meditation are the food of the mind, and their practice is most essential. Even if you don't relish it in the beginning, you must practice regularly. Even through mere practice, you can gain a good deal. Daily at least two hours of Japa and meditation is required. Solitary retirement is also a great help to the spiritual aspirant. Simply by sitting silently in the secluded nook of a garden or on lonely outskirt of a cast, open field, or shut up within your own room, you can profit much.

p.168, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's words on 6 Feb,1918 in Balaram Mandir

Feb 7

Swami Akhandananda passed away in Belur Math (1937)

A few years before his passing away, the swami told a monk his life's philosophy: "The Master has still kept me alive for his work. Distribute your Self among others and bring other souls within yourself. You will see how much joy you will get from it. On the other hand if you are always busy about yourself, you will be entangled within yourself, you will kill your Self, and you will die. The more you disseminate your self among the people, the more you will attain bliss and that will lead you to Self-realization.

p.588, God lived with them.

Girish Chandra Ghosh passed away (1912) in Calcutta

Girish Chandra Ghosh breathed his last on February 8, 1912. His last words were: 'Master, you have come. Please destroy my worldly intoxication. Victory to Sri Ramakrishna! Let us go'.

p.291, They Lived with God.

Feb 9

You must do more Japa and meditation on Amavasya, Purnima, and Ashtami Tithis, and also on the occasions of the worship of Mother Kali, Jagaddhatri and Durga.

p.169, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's words on 9 Feb,1918 in Balaram Mandir.

Feb 10

All other things may be obtained in the world, but devotion to God is extremely rare. And without devotion, all possessions in life become worthless and serve no real purpose. Everyone knows this fact and understands it. Devotion to God makes life sweet and joyful, otherwise life is merely a burden.

p.140, Spiritual Treasures, Letters of Swami Turiyananda, Swami Turiyananda's letter from Almora on 10 Feb, 1916.

Feb 11

Mine is like a child-like nature. Do I keep meticulous accounts? I give to whoever asks.

p. 157, The Gospel of the Holy Mother, Holy Mother's words at Udbodhan on 11 Feb,1913

Man learns as he lives, and experience is the greatest teacher in the world.

p.292, Vol.8,Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Alasinga from Hyderabad on 11 Feb,1893.

Feb 12

Instead of working for yourself work for the sake of the God. Know that all work you have to do is Sri Ramakrishna's and Swami Vivekananda's. If you can work with this idea, your work will not bind you. On the other hand, it will improve you in every way - spiritually, morally, intellectually, and also physically.

p.235, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's words on 12 Feb,1921 at Varanasi.

I do not work alone, but He is always with me. What could I do otherwise?

p.397, Vol.8, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Swami Brahmananda from Madras on 12 Feb,1897

Feb 14

Whoever takes the name of Ramakrishna, know him to be your Guru. Everyone can play the role of the master, but it is very difficult to be a servant.

p.447, Vol.7, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Gupta (Swami Sadananda) from Ghazipur on 14 Feb, 1890.

15 Feb

Try to be in touch with Mother always and she is sure to protect you and lead you aright without fail.

p.270, Spiritual Treasures, Letters of Swami Turiyananda, Swami Turiyananda's letter from Varanasi on 14 Feb, 1920.

16 Feb

Have patience, my son - it will grow beyond all your expectations.... Every work has got to pass through hundreds of difficulties before succeeding. Those that persevere will see the light, sooner or later.

p.104, Vol.5, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Alasinga from U.S.A on 17 Feb, 1896.

17 Feb

The life of renunciation is the only life that can make us truly happy. No other life can ever do so. It is certain that one day we shall have to give up everything whether we want to or not. It is much better to give it up gladly and freely before we are compeller to do so. But if one cannot do that, the next best course is to turn everything over to Mother and abide by her decree.

p.251, Spiritual Treasures, Letters of Swami Turiyananda, Swami Turiyananda's letter from Rishikesh on 17 Feb,1914.

18 Feb


All the sins of the body fly away if one chants the name of God and sings His glories. The birds of sin dwell in the tree of the body. Singing the name of God is like

p.181-2, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to devotees on 18 Feb, 1883 at Govinda Mukherji's house at Belgharia.

19 Feb

Rani Rasmani passed away (1861) in Calcutta.

Shortly before her passing away she was brought to the bank of the Ganga. Seeing some lamps lighted in front of her, she exclaimed: 'Remove, remove these lights. I don't care for this artificial illumination anymore. Now my Mother has come and the brilliance of her form has illumined the whole place'. After a short pause she passed away, saying, 'Mother, you have come!'

p.16, They lived with God.

Shake off despair, shake off disappointment, shake off doubt. Make no compromise. Have infinite tenacity, and infinite energy. 'To do or die' - let this be your motto. God you must realize, now, in this very life you must see Him.

p.242, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's words on 19 Feb, 1922 at Calcutta.

20 Feb

Swami Shivananda passed away in Belur Math (1934)

If anyone ever asked where he would go after leaving the body, Swami Shivananda replied that his rightful place would be in Ramakrishnaloka with the Master. One day he humble said to a monk: "Look, I am my Master's dog. As a dog protects the precious wealth of its master from robbers, so I am protecting the valuable spiritual treasures [discrimination, renunciation, knowledge, devotion] of the master in this monastery. He who stays here like a faithful dog will attain the greatest good.

p.178, God lived with Them

We may read books, hear lectures, and talk miles, but experience is the one teacher, the one eye-opener. It is best as it is. We learn, through smiles and tears we learn. We don't know why, but we see it is so; and that is enough.

p.493, Vol.8, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Miss Mary Hale from Pasadena on 20 Feb, 1900

Man is merely an instrument, and the Lord is the operator. Blessed is he through whom the Lord gets his work done. Everyone has to work in this world, no one can escape from it. But he who works for his own selfish ends - his work, instead of liberating him from the trap of maya, binds him. On the other hand, the wise man, working for the Lord, cuts the fetters of work.

21 Feb

Learning and wisdom are superfluities, the surface glitter merely, but it is the heart that is the seat of all power. It is not the brain but in the heart that the Atman, possessed of knowledge, power, and activity, has Its seat....The more heart you will be able to manifest, the greater will be the victory you achieve.

p.425, Vol.6, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Swami Akhandananda from California on 21 Feb, 1900

22 Feb

Do not lose heart, do not lose faith is your Guru, do not lose faith in God. So long as you possess these three, nothing can harm you, my child.

p.74, Vol.5, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Alasinga from New York on Feb, 1895

23 Feb

The dawn of the New Age is breaking over the world - the blessed day that will illumine our hearts with the glory of its effulgence is at hand. Knowingly or unknowingly the human race is moving forward along the path of liberation inspired by Sri Ramakrishna's message of the harmony of all religions and by his unique realization of the essential oneness of karma, action, bhakti and yoga. The day is not far off when the whole world will witness the establishment of a universal kingdom of peace, and when in loving reponse to the call of the Master, all people, forgetting their religious differences, will unite together and glorify the master's message. "As many faiths, so many paths." Then onlywill the meridian light of the Master's advent illumine the hearts of humanity. May the citizens of the world, on this blessed day, understand the meaning of the Master's coming and be hallowed. This and this alone is my fervent prayer.

p.587, God lived with Them, from Swami Akhandanandaji's inaugural message for the centenary celebrations of the birth of Sri Ramakrishna given on 24 Feb, 1936 in Belur Math.

24 Feb

Laxmi Devi passed away (1926) in Puri

Once before she passed away, she described to Swami Saradananda a vision she had had: 'I saw a mountain of dazzling mica. On one side of that mountain were Lakshmi and Narayana, and on the other side was Sri Ramakrishna. I saw that the Master was surrounded by Holy Mother, Swamiji, Rakhal Maharaj, and others. Then I saw Yogin-didi and Golap-didi, and they told me: "O Lakshmi, here there is no problem of food and sleep or disease and grief. Living with the Master gives us interrupted bliss."'

p.69, They lived with God.

What will a man gain by knowing many scriptures? The one thing needful is to know how to cross the river of the world. God alone is real, and all else illusory.

p.392, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to devotes on 24 Feb,1884 in his room in Dakshineswar.

25 Feb

God cannot be realized through scholarship. Who, indeed, can understand the things of the Spirit through reason? No, all should strive for devotion to the Lotus Feet of God.

p.183, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to devotees on 25 Feb,1883 at Govinda Mukherji's house at Belgharia.

26 Feb

Work on with energy. India is a rotten corpse inside and outside. We shall revive it by the blessings of Shri Maharaj.

p.444, Vol.8, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Swami Ramakrishnananda from Belur math on 25 Feb,1898.

27 Feb

Believe in the existence of God, and never feel He does not exist. I tell you, my child, God is. Therefore hold fast to Him in sincere devotion and humility, and pray and pray! No more speculations, no more waste of time, no more idleness. Begin now, this very day, and move forward.

p.135, Eternal Companion, Swami Brahmananda's words on 27 Feb, 1913 at Varanasi.

28 Feb

Girish Chandra Ghosh was born (1844) in Calcutta

I find that it is not difficult to obey him, love him, or worship him. But indeed it is difficult to forget him.

p.290, They lived with God, Girish's words about Sri Ramakrishna

29 Feb

The Master is Rama and Krishna, and the Mother is Sita and Yogamaya. As the king visits his subjects sometimes in royal dress and sometimes in disguise to evaluate

p.609, God lived with Them, Swami Vijnananandaji words about Sri Ramakrishna in Feb,1938 at Varanasi.


1 March

Go forward. Push on. You will discover the forest of sandal-wood. Go farther and you will find the silver-mine. Go farther still and you will see the gold-mine. Do not stop there. Go forward, and you will reach the mines of rubies and diamonds. Therefore, I say, go forward.

p.712, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to Mahimacharan, a devotee in his room at Dakshineswar on 1 March, 1885


As Gauri-ma grew older, her body began failing, but she passed her days in various kinds of spiritual moods. One day she told two nuns, 'Look, I shall go to Vrindaban, so don't cry for me'. At this time if anyone asked any mundane questions she told them: 'Don't talk to me about the world anymore. Talk only about the Master so that

1 -will get joy and you will attain blessedness.' Neither attachment nor delusion nor fear of death could touch Gauri-ma. She was absorbed in the bliss of the Self. On March 1, she was quite cheerful the whole day and talked frequently about the Master. That evening she uttered aloud three times, ' Guru Sri Ramakrishna ', and then started repeating her mantram silently. At 8.15 she passed away.

p.170-1,They lived with God.

2 -March

All doubts disappear when one sees God. It is one thing to hear of God, but quite a different thing to see Him. A man cannot have one hundred per cent conviction through mere hearing. But if he beholds God face to face, then he is wholly convinced.

p.396. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakurs' words to the devotees in his room in Dakshineswar on 2 March, 1884

3 March

The great conclusion is that Ramakrishna has no peer; nowhere else in the world exists that unprecedented perfection, that wonderful kindness for all that does not

stop to justify itself, that intense sympathy for man in bondage. Either he must be the Avatara as he himself used to say, or else the ever-perfected divine man, whom the Vedanta speaks of as the free one who assumes a body for the good of humanity. This is my conviction and certain; and the worship of such a divine man has been referred to by Patanjali in the aphorism: " or the goal may be attained by meditating on a saint."

p.231-2, Vol.6, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Pramadadas Mitra from Gazipur on 3 March, 1890.

Think of me as one who has done all his duty and is now dead and gone. Think that the whole work is upon your shoulders. Think that you, young men of our mother land, are destined to do this. Put yourselves to the task. Lord bless you. Leave me, throw mw quite out of sight. Preach the new ideal, the new doctrine, the new life. Preach against nobody, against no custom. Preach neither for nor against caste or any other social evil. Preach to let "hands off", and everything will come right. My blessings on you all, my brave, steadfast, and loving souls.

p.360, Vol.4. Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, 'What we believe in'- written to Kidi on March 3, 1894 from Chicago.

4 March

There is only one way out, and that is faith.

p.262, For Seekers of God, Mahapurush Maharaj's words at Belur Math on 4 March, 1932

5 March

Elephants have two sets of teeth, one outside - the tusks, and another inside, to munch food. The activities of our Mission are like the elephant's tusks. Whatever work you may do - conducting Sevashramas or doing relief work, unless you have character, all will be in vain. What is wanted is character, purity, steadfast devotion to God. If you have them, you will prosper, otherwise you will totally fail.

p.78, Spiritual Talks, Swami Premananda's words at the annual general meeting of the Ramakrishna Mission on 5 March, 1916.

6 March

Every work should be made thorough..... You need not insist upon preaching Shri

Ramakrishna. Propagate his ideas first, though I know the world always wants the Man first, then the idea... Do not figure out big plans at first, but begin slowly, feel your ground, and proceed up and up. Work on, my brave boys. We shall see the light some day.

p.75, Vol.5, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Alasinga from U.S.A on 6 March,1895.

Why has God made me lead this kind of life? (referring to his monastic life) Chaitanyadeva became a sannyasi so that all would salute him. Whoever salutes an Incarnation, even once, obtains liberation.

p.717, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna,Thakur's words to the devotees in his room at Dakshineswar on 7 March, 1885

8 March

The life of the Master is the living, flaming Upanishad.

p.81, Spiritual Talks, Swami Premananda's words to the monks and lay devotees in the visitors' room at Belur Math on 8 March, 1916.

9 March

Why doesn't God free us from the world? Ah, He will free us when the disease is cured. He will liberate us from the world when we are through with the enjoyment of 'woman and gold'. Once a man registers his name in the hospital, he cannot run away. The doctor will not let him go away unless his illness is completely cured.

p.185, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to the devotees in his room in Dakshineswar on 9 March, 1883

Devote yourself to the service of the others. Nothing is dearer to the Master than this.

p.61, Letters for Spiritual Seekers, Swami Shivananda's letter from Belur Math on 9 March, 1912.

10 March

First, have faith in yourselves. Know that though one may be a little bubble and another my be a mountain-high wave, yet behind both the bubble and the wave there is the infinite ocean. Therefore there is hope for every one. There is salvation for every one.

p.444-5. Vol.3, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, from Swamiji's introduction to Sister Nivedita's lecture at the Star Theatre on 11 March,1898.

11 March

Mother, everyone says, 'My watch alone is right.' The Christians, the Brahmos, the Hindus, the Mussalmans, all say, "My religion alone is true.' But, Mother, the fact is that nobody's watch is right. Who can truly understand thee? But if a man prays to Thee with a yearning heart, he can reach Thee, through Thy grace, by any path.

In the scriptures you will find the way to realize God.But after getting all the information about the path, you must begin to work. Only then can you attain the goal.

p.729, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to the devotees in Balaram Bose's house on 11 March ,1885.

12 March

Victory to the Guru! Victory to the Guru ! You are my only refuge - you are my only refuge! Now that my mind is steady, let me tell you that this resignation is the permanent attitude of my mind. All other moods that come are, you should know, only disease.

p.500, Vol.8, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamji's letter to Swami Brahmananda from San Francisco on 12 March, 1900

13 March

The Lord is watching over us; there is no fear; do not lose your nerves, keep your health and take things easy. It is always good to give a few strong strokes and rest on your oars.

p.448, Vol.8, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Swami Ramakrishnananda from Belur Math on March, 1898

14 March

M. was seated by his side. Sri Ramakrishna asked him by a sign to come nearer. The sight of his suffering was unbearable. In a very soft voice and with great difficulty he said to M." "I have gone on suffering so much for fear of making you all weep. But if you all say:'Oh, there is so much suffering! let the body die', then I may give up the body." These words pierced the devotee's hearts. And he who was their father, mother and protector had uttered these words! What could they say? All sat in silence. Some thought, "Is this another crucifixion - the sacrifice of the body for the sake of the devotees.

p.941, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, the Master at Cossipore on 14 March, 1886

15 March

God becomes a man, an Avatar, and comes to earth with His devotees. And the devotees leave the world with Him.... A band of minstrels suddenly appears, dances, and sings, and it departs in the same sudden manner. They come and they return, but none recognizes them.

16 March

It is all nonsense. I am nothing, the world is nothing, the Lord alone is the only worker. We are simply tools in Hid hands.

p.15, Vol.9, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamijis in his letter to Mrs. G.W Hale from Detroit on 16 March,1894.

It is easy to take the vow of monasticism, but a person cannot have supreme devotion and knowledge without God's grace. The Lord is sure to grant the desire of one who sincerely yearns for devotion and knowledge. What shall it profit a man to have the ochre cloth if he does not possess knowledge and devotion?

p.56, For Seekers of God, Mahapurush Maharaj's words to the newly ordained monks in Belur on 16 March, 1929

17 March

If you always think of him, then life in the world becomes smooth and easy. You remember, don't you, what Sri Ramakrishna used to say in this connection? 'If you smear yourself with a mixture of turmeric and oil, you are safe against crocodiles. They will keep away from you.'

p.280, Letters for Spiritual Seekers, Swami Shivananda's letter from Belur Math on 17 March, 1930.

18 March

Even today we hear of supernatural ways in which the devotees leave their bodies. It is reported that they get divine visions at that time, and that some leave their bodies with the Master's name on their lips. All the devotees of the Master will have a higher state hereafter; there's no doubt about that.

p.267. For Seekers of God, Mahapurush Maharaj's words at Belur Math on 18 March, 1932.

Face a picture of Sri Ramakrishna and keep thinking of him. That will certainly be as good as meditation.

p.245, Letters for Spiritual Seekers, Swami Shivananda's letter from Belur Math on 18 March, 1926

We, as a nation, have lost our individuality, and that is the cause of all the mischief in India. We have to give back to the nation its lost individuality and raise the masses. The Hindu, the Mohammedan, the Christian, all have trampled them underfoot. Again the force to raise them must come from inside, that is, from the orthodox Hindus. In every country the evils exist not with, but against religion. Religion is not to blame, but men.

p.255, Vol.6, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji in his letter to Sashi (Swami Ramakrishnananda) from Chicago on 19 March, 1894.

All have to go. That is the world. We meet only for a couple of days, and then nobody knows the whereabouts of others. Only the ever-blissful Mother is real; everything else is ephemeral. Creation goes on eternally like a current; there is no break in it. The eternally blissful Mother is beyond this creation, beyond speech and mind - "That failing to reach which speech turns back together with the mind.

p.199, For Seekers of God, Mahapurush Maharaj's words to a monk in Belur on 19 March, 1929

20 March

We have blessings only - no curses. We have nothing but blessings, my child.

p.58, For Seekers of God, Mahapurush Maharaj's words to a monk in Belur on 20 March, 1929

21 March

We must plunge heart and soul and body into the work. And until we be ready to sacrifice everything else to one Idea and to one alone, we never, never will see the light. Those that want to help mankind must their own pleasure and pain, name and fame, and all sorts of interests, and make a bundle of them and throw them into the sea, and then come to the Lord. This is what all the Masters said and did.

p.302, Vol.6, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Mrs. Bull from New York on 21 March, 1895

22 March

The Master gives a shaking to his order now and then to awaken its dormant power of collective effort and to show that his work cannot be carried on by anyone individually; it must be performed by the monks of this Order in unison, and then only will it be well done. The more storms and stresses these will be, the more the power of the Master's Order( sangha-shakti) will be roused.

p.200, For Seekers of God, Mahapurush Maharaj's words at Belur Math on 22 March, 1929

The grace of God falls alike on al His children, learned and illiterate - whoever longs for Him. The father has the same love for all his children. Suppose a father has five children. One calls him 'Baba', some 'Ba' and some 'Pa'. These last cannot pronounce the whole word. Does the father love those who address him as 'Baba' more than those who call him 'Pa'? The father knows that these last are simply too young to say 'Baba' correctly.

p.407, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Thakur's words to the devotees in his room at Dakshineswar on 23 March, 1884

Go on saying, "I am free". Never mind if the next moment delusion comes and says, "I am bound." Dehyptonise the whole thing.

p.501, Vol.1, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, from Swamiji's talk on 'The Soul and God' delivered in San Francisco on 23 March, 1900.

24 March

I feel Dakshineswar is Varanasi itself - nothing else. That is why I go there from time to time. As I cannot visit it often I salute it from here very day. Is there any other place like Dakshineswar? Even as Varanasi, it doesn't belong to this mundane world.

p.22, For Seekers of God. Mahapurush Maharaj's words to devotees in Belur on 23 March, 1924.

25 March

We are always in a hurry. But if any great work is to be done, there must be great preparation.

p.482, Vol.1, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, from Swamiji's talk on 'Mohammed' delivered in San Francisco on 25 March, 1900.

26 March

Think of Sri Ramakrishna as your teacher and your saviour. Think thus and then all your old tendencies will die out. The spirit of renunciation will automatically appear. The only way is prayer. There is no other way.

p.171, Letter for Spiritual Seekers, Swami Shivananda's letter from Belur Math on 25 March , 1920.

27 March

Our Master is the protector and redeemer of the lowly. He was born as man to redeem the lowly.... We do not know anything other than the name of the Master. We

p.61, For Seekers of God, Mahapurush Maharaj's words to a devotee in Belur Monastery on 27 March, 1929

28 March


Just before Yogananda's death, Sivananda had asked him,"Jogin, do you remember the Master?" Yogananda replied, "Yes, I remember the Master more - even more -much more."

p.241, God lived with Them.

He is unfortunate, indeed, who does not gain my compassion. I do not know anyone, not even an insect, for whom I do not feel compassion.

p.160, The Gospel of Holy Mother , Holy Mother 's words at Jairambati on 28 March, 1913.

We put all our energies to concentrate and get attached to one thing; but the other part, though equally difficult, we seldom pay any attention to - the faculty of detaching ourselves at a moment's notice from anything. Both attachment and detachment perfectly developed make a man great and happy.

p.430, Vol.6, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Nivedita from San Francisco on 28 March, 1900.

Be brave and face something - come good, come evil, both welcome. Both of you my play. I have no good to attain, no ideal to clench up to, no ambition to fulfill; I, the diamond mine, am playing with pebbles, good and evil; good for you - evil, come; good for you - good, you come too. If the universe tumbles round my ears, what is that to me? I am Peace that passeth understanding; understanding only gives us good or evil. I am beyond, I am peace.

p.505, Vol.8, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Swamiji's letter to Miss Mary Hale from San Francisco on 28 March, 1900.

29 March

Afflicted with miseries at home, one may put on the ochre cloth of a monk; but that renunciation doesn't last long. Again, a man out of work puts on an ochre wearing-cloth and goes off to Benares. After three months he writes home: 'I have a job here. I shall come home in a few days. Don't worry about me.' Again, a man may have everything he wants. He lacks nothing, yet he does not enjoy his possessions. He weeps for God alone. That is real renunciation.

30 March


Jogin Maharaj was so absorbed in meditation most of the time that his face would always look serene luminous. Even when he would come from his bath, one would feel that he had just come out of his deep meditation.

p.235, God lived wit h Them, Swami Shuddhananda's reminiscences about Swami Yogananda.

31 March

This national ship of ours, ye children of the Immortals, my countrymen, has been plying for ages, carrying civilization and enriching the whole world with its inestimable treasures. For scores of shining centuries this national ship of ours has been ferrying across the ocean of life, and has taken millions of souls to the other shore, beyond all misery. But today it may have sprung a leak and got damaged, through your own fault or whatever cause it matters not. What would you, who have placed yourselves in it, do now? Would you go about cursing it and quarrelling among yourselves! Would you not all unite together and put your best efforts to stop the holes? Let us all gladly give our hearts' blood to do this; and if we fail in the attempt, let us all sink and die together, with blessings and not curses on our lips.

p.461. Vol.3, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, from Swamiji's lecture on 'The Religion we are born in' delivered at Dacca on 31 March, 1901.