Lalita Trishati Stotram – Meaning

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Srī Laḷitātriśati Meaning

1 . Om kakārarūpāyai namaḥ

..who is like the alphabet ‘ka’ (‘ka’ represents light. Its the first letter of the Pancha dasakshari manthra)

Om kalyāṇyai namaḥ

..Who is endowed with all pleasant qualities.

Om kalyāṇaguṇaśālinyai namaḥ

..who is personification of good qualities

Om kalyāṇaśailanilayāyai namaḥ

..who resides at the peak of the mountain of good

Om kamanīyāyai namaḥ

..who is attractive

Om kalāvatyai namaḥ whom fine arts reside (personification of the 64 arts).

2. Om kamalākṣyai namaḥ

..who has lotus like eyes

Om ka-nmaṣaghnyai namaḥ

..who destroys sin

Om karuṇāmr̥ta sāgarāyai namaḥ

..who is the sea of the nectar of compassion

Om kadaṁbakānanāvāsāyai namaḥ

..who lives in the forest of Kadamba.
Kadamba here indicates a kind of Kalpa vruksha – a tree which grants all desires.

Om kadaṁba kusumapriyāyai namaḥ

..who likes the flowers of Kadamba (mind with good thoughts)

3. Om kandar-ppavidyāyai namaḥ

..who is the holy knowledge worshipped by the God of love(Kamadeva).

Om kandar-ppa janakāpāṁga vīkṣaṇāyai namaḥ

..who created God of love by her sight

Om kar-ppūravīṭīsaurabhya kallōlitakakuptaṭāyai namaḥ

..who fills all the world by the holy scent of chewing of betel leaf with ingredients like cardamom, nutmeg, mace, camphor, saffron etc

4. Om kalidōṣaharāyai namaḥ

..who eradicates all the evils inherent in Kaliyuga (era of Kali)

Om kañjalōcanāyai namaḥ

..who has eyes like lotus and Neelotpala flowers which are born in water. (who takes care of the universe by her mere vision.)

Om kamravigrahāyai namaḥ

..who has a mien which steals the mind

Om kar-mmādisākṣiṇyai namaḥ

..who is the witness for action

Om kārayitryai namaḥ

..who evokes Vedic Karmas

Om kar-mmaphalapradāyai namaḥ

..who gives fruits of actions

5. Om ēkārarūpāyai namaḥ

..who is like the alphabet ‘ea’. (Ea denotes the absolute truth, the brahma- This is also the second letter of the pancha dasakshari manthra)

Om ēkākṣaryai namaḥ

..who is denoted by the holy letter ‘Om’

Om ēkānēkākṣarākr̥tayē namaḥ

..who is personification of each alphabet as well as all alphabets

Om ētattadityanirdēśyāyai namaḥ

..who cannot be indicated as ‘this’ or ‘that’

Om ēkānanda cidākr̥tayē namaḥ

..who is personification of ultimate happiness and knowledge

6. Om ēvamityāgamābōddhyāyai namaḥ

..who is beyond scriptures

Om ēkabhakti madar-ccitāyai namaḥ

..who is being worshipped by those with one minded devotion

Om ēkāgracitta nir-ddhyātāyai namaḥ

..who can only be meditated upon by absolute concentration of Mind.

Om ēṣaṇā rahitāddr̥tāyai namaḥ

..who is supported by those without attachment (desire)

7. Om ēlāsugandhicikurāyai namaḥ

..who has hairs with the sweet smell of cardamom

Om ēnaḥ kūṭa vināśinyai namaḥ

..who destroys bundles of sin

Om ēkabhōgāyai namaḥ

.. Who is the object of enjoyment, of only one (that of Kāmeshvara).

Om ēkarasāyai namaḥ

..who is the essence of love. Or..For whom all Rasas are the same

Om ēkaiśvarya pradāyinyai namaḥ

..who gives the real and only asset ( the asset of salvation)

8. Om ēkātapatra sāmrājya pradāyai namaḥ

..who gives you the power of the emperor of the world

Om ēkāntapūjitāyai namaḥ

..who is worshipped in absolute solitude

Om ēdhamānaprabhāyai namaḥ

..who has the foremost luster

Om ēkadanēkajagadīśvaryai namaḥ

..who is the goddess of all the moving world

9. Om ēkavīrādi saṁsēvyāyai namaḥ

..who is being worshipped by valorous warriors first.
Ekaveeras refers to the group of Shakti Devatas such as Renuka, Shy āmala etc. Devi is served by such Ekaveeras and others.

Om ēkaprābhava śālinyai namaḥ

..who is the only brilliant power.

Om īkārarūpāyai namaḥ

..who is like the alphabet “ee”-ee denotes Shakthi, that which makes us all move-This is also the third letter of Pancha dasakshari manthra

Om īśitryai namaḥ

..who is the motive force behind everything

Om īpsitār-ttha pradāyinyai namaḥ

..who gives that which is asked

10. Om īddr̥gitya vinir-dē്daśyāyai namaḥ

..who cannot be indicated or limited by word “like this” .
..Who cannot be determined by evidences such as seeing (druk –दृक्) or by any other kind of evidences.

Om īśvaratva vidhāyinyai namaḥ

..who Who establishes oneness with Eeshvara: i.e. Advaita

Om īśānādi brahmamayyai namaḥ

..Who is the embodiment (pervades) in Eeshāna and other Brahmas

Om īśitvādyaṣṭa siddhidāyai namaḥ

..who gives the eight super natural powers (astamasiddhis)

11 . Om īkṣitryai namaḥ

..who exists because of her will or ..who is the witness of everything.

Om īkṣaṇa sr̥ṣṭāṇḍa kōṭyai namaḥ

..who creates billions of beings by her will

Om īśvara vallabhāyai namaḥ

..who is the consort of Lord Shiva

Om īḍitāyai namaḥ

..who is praised in the Vedas, puranas etc

Om īśvarār-ddhāṁga śarīrāyai namaḥ

..who is half the body of Lord Shiva

Om īśādhi dēvatāyai namaḥ

..who is the Goddess to the Lord Shiva

12. Om īśvara prēraṇakaryai namaḥ

..Who motivates (encourages) Lord to perform His duties of creation etc.

Om īśatāṇḍava sākṣiṇyai namaḥ

..who is the witness to the cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva

Om īśvarōtsaṁga nilayāyai namaḥ

..who sits on the lap of the Lord Shiva

Om ītibādhā vināśinyai namaḥ

..who destroys unexpected calamities

13. Om īhāvirahitāyai namaḥ

..who is free from all desires.

Om īśaśaktyai namaḥ

..who is the power within of Lord Shiva

Om īṣal- smitānanāyai namaḥ

..who has a gentle smiling face

Om lakārarūpāyai namaḥ

..who is the form of alphabet “la”- la denotes the wave which initiates wisdom-This is the fourth letter of pancha dasaakshari manthra

Om laḷitāyai namaḥ

..who is the mother who ‘plays’.She is always playing (the tasks like creation, etc., are themselves like sports for Her)

Om lakṣmī vāṇī niṣēvitāyai namaḥ

..who is served by Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and Sarawathi, the goddess of knowledge

14. Om lākinyai namaḥ

..who is easily approachable (who makes the devotees happy)

Om lalanārūpāyai namaḥ

..Who has a female form or ornaments like a woman.

Om lasaddāḍima pāṭalāyai namaḥ

..who has the colour of opened pomegranate flower

Om lasantikālasal-phālāyai namaḥ

..Who wears on Her forehead the ornament called Lalantika (made of Pearls surrounding the nine gems)

Om lalāṭa nayanār-ccitāyai namaḥ

..who is worshipped by Rudra who has an eye in the forehead or ..who is worshipped by those yogis with insight

15. Om lakṣaṇōjjvala divyāṁgyai namaḥ

..who shines with all divine qualities

Om lakṣakōṭyaṇḍa nāyikāyai namaḥ

..who is the lord of billions of universes.

Om lakṣyār-tthāyai namaḥ

..who is the ultimate meaning of all Vedanta.

Om lakṣaṇāgamyāyai namaḥ

..who cannot be understood by explanations

Om labdhakāmāyai namaḥ

..who has achieved all desires.

Om latātanavē namaḥ

..whose body is ever young like Kalpa Lata.

16. Om lalāmarājadaḷikāyai namaḥ

..who has a thilaka made of musk in the forehead

Om laṁbimuktālatāñcitāyai namaḥ

..who beautifies herself with long pearl chains

Om laṁbōdara prasavē namaḥ

..who is the mother of Lord Ganapthi

Om labhyāyai namaḥ

..who can be attained by prayers or by contemplation

Om lajjāḍhyāyai namaḥ

..who has the wealth of shyness or ..who hides shyly from non-devotees

Om layavar-jjitāyai namaḥ

..who is free from destruction.

17 . Om hrīṁkāra rūpāyai namaḥ

“..who is of the form of word “hreem”- the fifth letter of panchadasakshari manthra
(Ha denotes Shiva, Ra denotes Goddess and EE denotes Vishnu, thus hreem indicates creation, organization and destruction)”

Om hrīṁkāra nilayāyai namaḥ

..who resides in “Hreem”

Om hrīṁpadapriyāyai namaḥ

..who likes the manthra “hreem”

Om hrīṁkāra bījāyai namaḥ

..who is indentified by the manthra “hreem”

Om hrīṁkāramantrāyai namaḥ

..who has “hreem” as manthra (word of incitation)

Om hrīṁkāralakṣaṇāyai namaḥ

..who has “hreem” as attribute.

18. Om hrīṁkārajapa suprītāyai namaḥ

..who is pleased by recitation of Hreem

Om hrīṁmatyai namaḥ

..whois represented by hreem

Om hrīṁvibhūṣaṇāyai namaḥ

..who has hreem as ornament

Om hrīṁśīlāyai namaḥ

..who has all the good qualities of hreem (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva)

Om hrīṁpadārādhyāyai namaḥ

..who is worshipped by the word hreem

Om hrīṁgar-bhāyai namaḥ

..who carries Hreem in her womb.

Om hrīṁpadābhidhāyai namaḥ

..who takes the name of hreem

19 . Om hrīṁkāravācyāyai namaḥ

..who is referred by the word hreem

Om hrīṁkāra pūjyāyai namaḥ

..who is being worshipped by hreem

Om hrīṁkāra pīṭhikāyai namaḥ

..who is the basis of hreem

Om hrīṁkāra vēdyāyai namaḥ

..who can be realized by hreem

Om hrīṁkāra cintyāyai namaḥ

..who can be meditated through hreem

Om hrīṁ namaḥ

..who is the embodiment of the ultimate bliss.

Om hrīṁśarīriṇyai namaḥ

..who has her body as hreem

20 . Om hakārarūpāyai namaḥ

..who is of the form of alphabet “ha”- this letter indicates the valour which kills enemies-this is the sixth letter of panchadasakshari manthra

Om haladhr̥tpūjitāyai namaḥ

..who is worshipped by the one who has the plough (Lord Balarama)

Om hariṇēkṣaṇāyai namaḥ

..who sees like a doe or who looks at many things at the same time

Om harapriyāyai namaḥ

..who is the beloved to Lord Vishnu

Om harārādhyāyai namaḥ

..who is being worshipped by Lord Shiva

Om haribrahmēndra vanditāyai namaḥ

..who is worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma and Indra

21. Om hayārūḍhā sēvitāṁghryai namaḥ

..Whose feet are serviced by the God who rides the horse(Indra)

Om hayamēdha samar-ccitāyai namaḥ

..who is worshipped by performing Aswa medha yaga

Om haryakṣavāhanāyai namaḥ

..who rides the lion (Durga)

Om haṁsavāhanāyai namaḥ

..who rides the swan (Saraswathi)

Om hatadānavāyai namaḥ

..who killed asuras

22. Om hatyādipāpaśamanyai namaḥ

..who reduces the effect of sins like murder

Om haridaśvādi sēvitāyai namaḥ

..who is worshipped by he who rides the green horse(Indra)

Om hastikuṁbhōttuṁga kucāyai namaḥ

..who has breasts as high as the forehead of the elephant

Om hastikr̥tti priyāṁganāyai namaḥ

..who is the beloved to the one who wears elephant skin (Lord Shiva)

23. Om haridrākuṅkumā digddhāyai namaḥ

..whose body is covered with turmeric powder and kumkum (saffron)

Om haryaśvādyamarār-ccitāyai namaḥ

..who is worshiped by Indra (he who rides on green horse ) and other devas

Om harikēśasakhyai namaḥ

..who is the friend of Paramasiva(who has hair of golden green)

Om hādividyāyai namaḥ

..who is the personification of Hadhi vidhya named as Lopa mudhra (ha-sa-ka-la-hrim ha-sa-ka-ha-la-hrim sa-ka-la-hrim)

Om hālāmadāllāsāyai namaḥ

..who is drunk with wine(Amrut) which was created from the ocean of milk

24. Om sakārarūpāyai namaḥ

..who is of the form of alphabet “sa” – which denotes material wealth and pleasures-This is also the sixth letter of Panchadasakshari manthra

Om sar-vvajñāyai namaḥ

..who knows everything

Om sar-vvēśyai namaḥ

..who stimulates everything

Om sar-vamaṁgaḷāyai namaḥ

..who is auspicious in all aspects or ..who is auspicious by nature

Om sar-vvakar-tryai namaḥ

..who is the doer of all actions

Om sar-vvabhar-tryai namaḥ

..who takes care of everything

Om sar-vvahantryai namaḥ

..who destroys everything

Om sanātanāyai namaḥ

..who does not have any beginning or ..who is eternal

25. Om sar-vvānavadyāyai namaḥ

..who does not have any blemish

Om sar-vvāṁga sundaryai namaḥ

..whose every part of the body is beautiful

Om sar-vvasākṣiṇyai namaḥ

..who is the witness of everything

Om sar-vvātmikāyai namaḥ

..who is the soul of every thing

Om sar-vvasaukhya dātryai namaḥ

..who gives all kinds of happiness

Om sar-vvavimōhinyai namaḥ

..who enchants everyone

26. Om sar-vvādhārāyai namaḥ

..who is the basis of everything

Om sar-vvagatāyai namaḥ

..who is everywhere or ..who goes everywhere

Om sar-vvaviguṇavar-jjitāyai namaḥ

..who is free from all the bad qualities

Om sar-vvāruṇāyai namaḥ

..who is red in colour or ..who is the dawn of everything

Om sar-vvamātrē namaḥ

..who is the mother of entire creation

Om sar-vvabhūṣaṇa bhūṣitāyai namaḥ

..who has worn all ornaments. (There is nothing separate from her)

27. Om kakārār-tthāyai namaḥ

..whose meaning is the alphabet ‘ka’-This alphabet ‘ka’ represents light- This is also the eighth letter of the Pancha dasaksshari manthra

Om kālahantryai namaḥ

..who is destroyer of (beyond) time

Om kāmēśyai namaḥ

..who evokes all desires

Om kāmitār-tthadāyai namaḥ

..who fulfills all desires

Om kāmasañjīvinyai namaḥ

..who brought the God of love (kama) to life

Om kalyāyai namaḥ

..who is an expert in fine arts or ..who is fit for being meditated upon

Om kaṭhinastanamaṇḍalāyai namaḥ

..who has firm breasts

28 . Om karabhōravē namaḥ

..who has thighs like the elephant’s trunk

Om kalānāthamukhyai namaḥ

..who has face like a full moon

Om kacajitāṁbudāyai namaḥ

..who has hair darker than the clouds

Om kaṭākṣasyandi karuṇāyai namaḥ

..who has compassion flooding through her eyes

Om kapāli prāṇanāyikāyai namaḥ

..who is the wife of Lord Shiva

29. Om kāruṇya vigrahāyai namaḥ

..who is total personification of compassion

Om kāntāyai namaḥ

..who is the stealer of minds

Om kāntibhūta japāvallyai namaḥ

..who has a luster greater than flowers

Om kalālāpāyai namaḥ

..whose speech sounds like a Kala – Music

Om kaṁbukaṇṭhyai namaḥ

..who has a neck like conch

Om karanir-jjita pallavāyai namaḥ

..who has conquered sensuousness by a posture of her palm

30. Om kal-pavallī samabhujāyai namaḥ

..who has arms as beautiful as the kalpaga creeper

Om kastūri tilakāñcitāyai namaḥ

..who wears thilaka with musk

Om hakārār-tthāyai namaḥ

..whose meaning is the alphabet ‘ha’-This alphabet ‘ka’ represents money, valour etc- This is also the ninth letter of the Pancha dasakshari manthra

Om haṁsagatyai namaḥ

..whose gait is like a swan Or ..who is attainable only by realized souls

Om hāṭakābharaṇōjjvalāyai namaḥ

..who shines wearing gold ornaments

31. Om hārahāri kucābhōgāyai namaḥ

..who has breasts decorated by ornaments

Om hākinyai namaḥ

..who cuts the bondages (of life and death)

Om hallyavar-jjitāyai namaḥ

..who is free from deceptions.

Om harilpati samārādhyāyai namaḥ

..who is being worshipped by those eight gods who guard the different directions(dig balakas)

Om haṭhāl-kāra hatāsurāyai namaḥ

..who killed asuras quickly by her valour

32. Om har-ṣapradāyai namaḥ

..who gives happiness

Om havir-bhōktryai namaḥ

..who partakes the offering given to devas in fire

Om hār-dda santamasāpahāyai namaḥ

..who removes darkness from the mind

Om hallīsalāsya santuṣṭāyai namaḥ

..who is pleased with Dance of girls

Om haṁsamantrār-ttha rūpiṇyai namaḥ

..who understands the inner meaning of hamsa manthra (the manthra relating to breath control)

33. Om hānōpādāna nir-mmuktāyai namaḥ

..who is beyond wants

Om har-ṣiṇyai namaḥ

..who blesses one with happiness

Om harisōdaryai namaḥ

..who is the sister Lord Vishnu

Om hāhāhūhū mukha stutyāyai namaḥ

..who is being praised by Gandharvas called Haahaa and Hoohoo

Om hāni vr̥ddhi vivar-jjitāyai namaḥ

..who is beyond decrease or increase

34. Om hayyaṁgavīna hr̥dayāyai namaḥ

..who has a heart like butter

Om harigōpāruṇāṁśukāyai namaḥ

..who is dressed in clothes which are as red as the Harigopa insect

Om lakārākhyāyai namaḥ

..whose meaning is the alphabet ‘la’– This is the tenth letter of the Pancha dasakshari manthra

Om latāpūjyāyai namaḥ

..who is being worshipped by chaste Women

Om layasthityudbhavēśvaryai namaḥ

..who is the supreme Goddess (even during the deluge)

35. Om lāsya dar-śana santuṣṭāyai namaḥ

..who becomes pleased by seeing heavenly damsel’s dance

Om lābhālābha vivar-jjitāyai namaḥ

..who is beyond gain and loss

Om laṁghyētarājñāyai namaḥ

..who gives orders which cannot be disobeyed

Om lāvaṇya śālinyai namaḥ

..who is of unmatched beauty and grace

Om laghu siddhidāyai namaḥ

..who gives supernatural powers easily

36. Om lākṣārasa savar-ṇṇābhāyai namaḥ

..who shines and has the colour of lac

Om lakṣmaṇāgraja pūjitāyai namaḥ

..who was worshipped by Lord Rama (elder brother of Lakshmana)

Om labhyētarāyai namaḥ

..who is the cause for obtaining one’s desires such as the four Purashārthās – Dharma, Artha, Kāma and Moksha.

Om labdha bhakti sulabhāyai namaḥ

..who can be attained by devotion (bhakthi)

Om lāṁgalāyudhāyai namaḥ

..who has a plough as a weapon (In her form of Adisesha)

37. Om lagnacāmara hasta śrīśāradā parivījitāyai namaḥ

..who is served by Lakshmi and Sarawathi (fanned by them using chamara)

Om lajjāpada samārādhyāyai namaḥ

..who is most fit to be worshipped by those who shy of (shun) this world

Om lampaṭāyai namaḥ

..who has hidden herself from the earthly principles

Om lakuḷēśvaryai namaḥ

..who rules over the destruction the Earth (Universe).
The world is enveloped in Māyā and she destroys the Māyā

38. Om labdhamānāyai namaḥ

..who is praised by all

Om labdharasāyai namaḥ

..who nature is of the ultimate happiness

Om labdha sampatsamunnatyai namaḥ

..who has the apex of riches

Om hrīṁkāriṇyai namaḥ

..who is the personification of the letter “Hrim”-This is the eleventh letter of Panchadasakshari Mantra

Om hrīṁkārādyāyai namaḥ

..who is the origin of the matharakshara of “Hrim” and “Om”.(She is prior to vedas)

Omhrīṁmaddhyāyai namaḥ

..who is in the midst of Hrim

Om hrīṁśikhāmaṇayē namaḥ

..who wears “hrim” in her head as ornament

39. Om hrīṁkārakuṇḍāgni śikhāyai namaḥ

..who is the flame of the fire place (homa kundam) called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāra śaśicandrikāyai namaḥ

..who is the nectar like rays of the light of the moon called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāra bhāskararucayē namaḥ

..who is the lustre and brightness in the sun called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārāṁbhōdacañcalāyai namaḥ

..who is the lightning in the black clouds called “Hrim”

40. Om hrīṁkārakandāṁkurikāyai namaḥ

..who is the germinating tendril of the tuber called “Hrim”

Om hrīṁkāraikaparāyaṇāyai namaḥ

..who is the remembrance (one who reminds) that chanting of Hreem is the only path for the attainment of the four Purushārthas – viz., Dharma, Artha, Kāma and Moksha (Parāyaṇā ultimate remembrance).

Om hrīṁkāradīr-ghikāhaṁsyai namaḥ

..who is the she swan playing in the pond called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārōdyānakēkinyai namaḥ

..who is the peahen playing in the garden of “hrim”

41. Om hrīṁkārāraṇya hariṇyai namaḥ

..who is the doe (female deer) playing in the forest of “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārālavālavallyai namaḥ

..who is the ornamental climber in the flower bed of “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārapañjaraśukyai namaḥ

..who is the green parrot in the cage called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārāṅgaṇa dīpikāyai namaḥ

..who is the light kept in the courtyard called “hrim”

42. Om hrīṁkārakandarā siṁhyai namaḥ

..who is the lioness living in the cave called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārāṁbhōja bhr̥ṁgikāyai namaḥ

..who is the bee playing in the lotus flower called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārasumanōmādhvyai namaḥ

..who is the honey in the flower called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāratarumañjaryai namaḥ

..who is the flower bunch in the tree called “hrim”

43. Om sakārākhyāyai namaḥ

..who is of the form of alphabet “sa”-the twelfth letter of the pancha dasakshari manthra

Om samarasāyai namaḥ

..who is uniformly spread all over the universe or She is equal to all Rasas.

Om sakalāgamasaṁstutāyai namaḥ

..who is being praised by all kinds of worship

Om sar-vvavēdānta tātparyabhūmyai namaḥ

..who is the basis of the ultimate meaning of Vedantha

Om sadasadāśrayāyai namaḥ

..who is the refuge of the formless and those with form lives

44. Om sakalāyai namaḥ

..who is complete

Om saccidānandāyai namaḥ

..who is the ultimate bliss.
She represents sat – Truth, chit – consciousness and ānanda – bliss.

Om sādhyāyai namaḥ

..who is reachable (by Sadhus)

Om sadgatidāyinyai namaḥ

..who gives salvation

Om sanakādimunidhyēyāyai namaḥ

..who is being meditated upon by sages like Sanaka

Om sadāśiva kuṭuṁbinyai namaḥ

..who is the wife of Sada Shiva

45. Om sakālādhiṣṭhāna rūpāyai namaḥ

..who is the basis of all establishments

Om satyarūpāyai namaḥ

..who is personification of truth

Om samākr̥tayē namaḥ

..who treats everybody equally or has same qualities all the time.

Om sar-vvaprapañca nir-mmātryai namaḥ

..who has made all the universe

Om samānādhika var-jjitāyai namaḥ

..who is incomparable

46. Om sar-vvōttuṁgāyai namaḥ

..who is the greatest among all

Om saṁgahīnāyai namaḥ

..who does not have attachments

Om saguṇāyai namaḥ

..who has all the good qualities

Om sakalēṣṭadāyai namaḥ

..who gives all that is desired

Om kakāriṇyai namaḥ

..who sounds like the alphabet “ka”- -it is also the thirteenth letter of the panchadasakshari manthra

Om kāvyalōlāyai namaḥ

..who enjoys poetry and indulges in poetry

Om kāmēśvaramanōharāyai namaḥ

..who steals the mind of The Lord of Kama (Lord Shiva)

47. Om kāmēśvarapraṇānāḍyai namaḥ

..who is the ultimate indicator of the soul of Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśōtsaṁgavāsinyai namaḥ

..who sits on the left lap of Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvarāliṁgitāṁgyai namaḥ

..who is being embraced by Lord Shiva

Om kamēśvara sukhapradāyai namaḥ

..who gives pleasure to Lord Shiva

48 . Om kāmēśvarapraṇayinyai namaḥ

..who is loved by Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvaravilāsinyai namaḥ

..who pleases Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvara tapaḥsiddhyai namaḥ

..who is the result of penance done by Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvara manaḥpriyāyai namaḥ

..who is most dear to Lord Shiva

49. Om kāmēśvaraprāṇanāthāyai namaḥ

..who is protector of Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvaravimōhinyai namaḥ

..who steals the mind of Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvarabrahmavidyāyai namaḥ

..who is the ultimate science of reaching the truth as made known by Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvaragr̥hēśvaryai namaḥ

..who is the lord of the house of Lord Shiva i.e. the goddess of the entire universe

50. Om kāmēśvarāhlādakaryai namaḥ

..who makes Lord Shiva supremely happy

Om kāmēśvaramahēśvaryai namaḥ

..who is the supreme goddess of Lord Shiva

Om kāmēśvaryai namaḥ

..who is the ruler of Kameshwara

Om kāmakōṭinilayāyai namaḥ

..who presides over the Kama koti peeta in Kanchipuram 

Om kāṁkṣitār-tthadāyai namaḥ

..who fulfills the desires of devotees

51. Om lakāriṇyai namaḥ

..who sounds like the alphabet “la”- -it is also the fourteenth letter of the panchadasakshari manthra

Om labdharūpāyai namaḥ

..who has taken the form with all good qualities.

Om labdhadhiyē namaḥ

..who has knowledge of all things

Om labdha vāñchitāyai namaḥ

..who has all that is desired.

Om labdhapāpa manōdūrāyai namaḥ

..who is far away from the reach of sinners

Om labdhāhaṅkāra dur-ggamāyai namaḥ

..whom the egoists will find difficult to reach

52. Om labdhaśaktyai namaḥ

..who gets all powers by her will

Om labdha dēhāyai namaḥ

..who gets a body if she wills

Om labdhaiśvarya samunnatyai namaḥ

..who has limitless wealth

Om labdha vr̥ddhyai namaḥ

..who has reached the infinite

Om labdha līlāyai namaḥ

..who by her playfulness makes others happy

Om labdhayauvana śālinyai namaḥ

..who is ever young by her will

53. Om labdhātiśaya sar-vvāṁga saundaryāyai namaḥ

..who is the supreme beauty by her will

Om labdha vibhramāyai namaḥ

..who has the capacity to enchant by her child like playfulness

Om labdharāgāyai namaḥ

..who has all feelings

Om labdhapatayē namaḥ

..who has Shiva as her husband by her own desire

Om labdha nānāgamasthityai namaḥ

..who leads to existence of scriptures. She maintains the Vedas

54. Om labdha bhōgāyai namaḥ

..who has all kinds of pleasures.

Om labdha sukhāyai namaḥ

..who fulfills comforts

Om labdha har-ṣābhi pūjitāyai namaḥ

..who is the refuge of all happiness

Om hrīṁkāra mūr-ttyai namaḥ

..who is the personification of the Sound “hrim”- the fifteenth and last letter of the panchadasakshari manthra

Om hrīṁ-kāra saudhaśr̥ṁga kapōtikāyai namaḥ

..who is the dove who lives in the top of the palace called “hrim”

55. Om hrīṁkāra dugdhābdhi sudhāyai namaḥ

..who is the butter (nectar) churned from the ocean of milk called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāra kamalēndirāyai namaḥ

..who is Goddess Lakshmi sitting on the lotus called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāramaṇi dīpār-cciṣē namaḥ

..who is the light of the ornamental lamp called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāra taruśārikāyai namaḥ

..who is the lady bird sitting on the tree called “hrim”

56. Om hrīṁkāra pēṭakamaṇayē namaḥ

..who is the pearl locked in the box called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāradar-śa biṁbitāyai namaḥ

..who is the image reflected in the mirror called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāra kōśāsilatāyai namaḥ

..who is the shining sword in the sheath called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārāsthāna nar-ttakyai namaḥ

..who is the dancer in the stage called “hrim”

57. Om hrīṁkāra śuktikā muktāmaṇayē namaḥ

..who is the pearl found in the oyster shell called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāra bōdhitāyai namaḥ

..who is Hrim and Hrim is She.

Om hrīṁkāramaya sauvar-ṇṇastaṁbha vidruma putrikāyai namaḥ

..who is the coral statue on the shining pillars called “hrim”

58. Om hrīṁkāra vēdōpaniṣadē namaḥ

..who is the Upanishad placed in the top of Veda called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārādhvara dakṣiṇāyai namaḥ

..who is like the Dakshina given to priests after Yagna which is “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāra nandanārāma navakalpaka vallaryai namaḥ

..who is the divine climber Kalpa present in the garden called “hrim”

59. Om hrīṁkāra himaval-ggaṁgāyai namaḥ

..who is the river Ganga in the Himalayan mountain called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārār-ṇṇava kaustubhāyai namaḥ

..who is the precious gem given birth by the ocean called “hrim”

Om hrīṁkāramantra sar-vvasvāyai namaḥ

..who is the total wealth churned out of the manthra “hrim”

Om hrīṁkārapara saukhyadāyai namaḥ

..who gives all pleasures to those who chant “hrim”

śrī laḷitātriśati nāmāvali samāptaṁ

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